Friday, July 13, 2007

Amazon Felines on the Moon

So, my woman is FINALLY home at a decent hour, and does she update the blog for me? No! She made me wait! Like eating dinner, paying bills, and relaxing are more important! I've finally cornered her to do my bidding.

As you may recall, I won Skeezix the Cat's guess the 1000th post contest last week. My prizes include zealies on Catster, sponsorship of a cat at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in my name, and an gift certificate. Thanks to Skeezix and a little luck, I finally have the wealth, power, and fame I've always wanted.

I quickly chose Omaha to receive my sponsorship. She has my good looks and a healthy distrust of humans. I *like* this cat!

Finally, there's the gift certificate. I live modestly; my needs are few. However, one item has been on my mind since I first learned that I won:
Victor Repellent.
If ANYONE carries such a thing, it's Here are my search results; items 5 and 6 look promising :

But here's the best item of all:


  1. Wow, dey reely do make Victor repellant! Did you find any Speedy repellant, I reely could us some of that.

  2. Omaha was a great choice, Bonnie - and congrats!

  3. I wunder if the sells Kimo Repellant?

    I wonder if they sell Sabi repellant?

  4. You are a good shopper, Bonnie!

  5. Congrats Bonnie!! You deserve to be a winner for sure!

  6. HI Bonnie and Victor,
    Thanks for visiting our new CATS ONLY blog!
    You've got Willie thinking about cattle dawg repellant 'cuz sometimes he has had just about enuf with Leah herding him in the ass.

  7. Oh we like Omahas' picture! What a beauty.
    Napoleon whispering I'm going over to Amazon to see if there is a Sara Repellent
    Congratulations on your win!!

    ~Sara and Napoleon

  8. Bonnie, you think there is a Kavan repellant too?

  9. Congratulations Bonnie! :) Lots of great prizes for Skeezix' contest!

  10. That is great that you 'dopted Omaha!

    Does Amazon sell 2-legged kitten repellant?

  11. Congratulations on your win, Bonnie. I'm glad you are sponsoring Omaha. The Victor repellant looks interesting. Wouldn't you rather have treats, though?

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  13. I'm gonna go git sum Tripper repelunt rite now!!!!

  14. Bonnie:
    The only bad thing 'bout that pest repellant is that it backfires ... It'll repel YOU, too. I tried to repel outside cats an' it made me feel bad, too. Spend your certificate on Temptations ...

  15. Wow! Those are some great prizes. I wonder if they have Gemini repellant?

  16. Congratulations, Bonnie!! Omaha is so cute!!
    Your FL furiends,
    Samantha & Tigger

    P.S.And to answer Victor's question about the cbox on our blog.It's sorta like a comment box for the blog. You can leave messages and then you can comment on them right there. You can find out all about it if you hit the cbox button on the commet thing on our blog!!

  17. Victor come quick! Dare am a snakie we haf to catch ofur at Mosaic Cats blog.
    ~Beau Beau

  18. HI Victor,
    Look, we got our own profile and photo now, thanks to Skeezix the Genius.
    Leah is a Blue Heeler, aka Australian Cattle Dawg or Queensland Heeler (why 3 names for such a crazy dawg, we ask?)
    How did your Mom know Mosaic Lady went to UCSB too? Is that what you meant or did we misinterpret? She was born in West LA!
    Ain't it funny how much people owned by us cats have in common?

  19. (We had to wait for her to go to the litter box to post this part:

    Mosaic Lady was UCSB class of 1979. We don't think your paths would've crossed. She's OLD.)

  20. We figured it out while using our litter box! We get intuitions and ideas when we pee, do you?
    You read our very first post ever about Bianca singing the Elvis Costello song. Right?
    That was very nice of you.

  21. OK, crying for Walter was REALLY nice of you. We heart you!

    ST. JOHN'S HOSPITAL in Santa Monica, by any chance????

  22. Mosaic Lady was born at St. John's, of course. Raised in West LA. I doubt your bassinets crossed, tho. She's OLD.

    The black snake the other Sadie found is a Racer, which is what we think ours is. (are). We just posted some stuff about racers in their last comment thread. Scary stuff, if you're another Racer, anyway!!!

  23. Mom empathized wif you about Walter. Bigotes and Scruffy were furry speshul to her, but I (Victor) is her soul mate.
    Yes, St. John's - how'd ya know?

  24. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! sorry Victor, we didn't mean ta laff an you no we luv you, but boy is that FUNNY!

  25. Victor don't you member we were tryin to catch a snakie at one of da purrthday parties or somefin? Maybe it wuz anofur snakie catcher and I forgotted. But yur right we don't know if it is a bad bitey kind of snake so we better stay away from it.

  26. I'm going to see if there's some Earl Grey repellant on amazon. I could really use some today.


    PS - We nominated you guys for an award. Check out our bloggie for details.

  27. Great choices! I'm sorry no one has invented Victor repellant. Hopefulyl when they do they can invent some Kaze-be-gone too.


  28. Omaha looks like a great kitty to help, she does indeed have your good looks.

    I can't believe you actually found some Victor repellent - watch out Victor!

  29. Wow, I'm amazed that your search was so successful. really does have everything.