Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday Tag from Tara

Our good furiend Tara has tagged us for a meme! Here we go:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Victor: I wasn’t around yet. Or, come to fink of it, maybe I was still livin a past life?

Bonnie: Don’t remind me of 10 years ago! I was a happy kitten until I was snatched away from my siblings and forced to move to a small apartment. I was in the process of setting up my estate such that the beans would do my biding. Of course, back then my life was Victor-free.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Victor: I was, hmm, following Mom around, tormentin Bonnie, eatin, sleepin, playin, an already bloggin!

Bonnie: I was spending as much time as I could in the computer room where I feel safe, avoiding Victor, sleeping a lot, eating, and blogging.

Five snacks you enjoy:
B&V: Temptations!
Bonnie: Catnip, salmon, and nothing else.
Victor: Any kitty treats, tortilla chips, whatefur the beans are havin, an bugs.

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
B&V: The boy sings songs from The Bobs, Songs for Tomorrow Morning, so we know them. Victor also knows Jasper Tabby Kitty Catty" from Mark Gunn and the Dubliner Tabbycats and his purrthday song, Hippo Birdy.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
Bonnie: Buy Victor a new home, buy my man a bigger house with extra computer chairs (for me), buy the Temptations factory, buy a catnip farm, give money to Best Friends and the Humane Society.

Victor: Buy a lizard or two cuz we can’t find them in Whiskonsin, buy Bonnie an extra computer chair wif a purr pad, ditto the Temptations factory an catnip farm, an gif money to Country Aminal Haven and the Marathon County Humane Society cuz they bof helped me.

Five bad habits:
Bonnie: I don’t admit to any bad habits… so I’ll help Victor count 10 of his.
Victor: Ha! Gettin up on the counters, tormentin Bonnie, sneezing in Mom’s face, scratchin fings that aren’t fur scratchin, bitin fings that aren’t fur bitin. As fur Bonnie, she sleeps too much an doesn’t get enuf exercise, she growls an hisses at the beans just fur lookin at her, an she growls an hisses an whaps me when I’s tryin to be nice.

Five things you like doing:
Bonnie: Sleeping on my Man’s computer chair, sleeping on my boy’s computer chair, sleeping on my woman’s computer chair, sleeping on my boy’s bed, acting fierce.

Victor: Gettin groomed wif my Zoom Groom, sleeping wif Mom, askin fur treats, snoopervisin, watchin birds an squirrels an chirpmonks out the window. Oh, an did I mention my ZoomGroom?

Five things you would never wear again:
Bonnie & Victor: We agree with Tara on some! Water, hats, harness, leash, PTU.

Five Favorite Toys:
Bonnie: I’ve mostly given up toys since Victor arrived, but my favorites were balls of tin foil, one specific fuzzy crinkle ball, my pink catnip mousie, bubbles, and bean hands.
Victor: Fur mousies, tinsel balls, crinkle balls, strings, and Bonnie.

Now we have to tag others... but we can't do that right now. We'll come back later for that - promise!

Victor here. I's been nominated fur the Rockin' Boy Blogger Award by two of my mancat buds, Derby and Speedy. They rock! Again, we'll haf to tell ya later which Rockin' boys we tag. Decisions, decisions!


  1. I think I want Mommy to get me a Zoom Groom!

  2. I love the Hippo Birdy song!

    It would be very great to own the Temptations factory.

  3. Those were great answers!!!


  4. We like da idea of Bonnie as a toy! hahaha...Hmm, we gots 36 cents, four milk jug rings, a spongeball, two sparkle balls and a flashy ball. If we pool our stuff do you think we wood haf enuff to buy da tem-tay-shuns faktory?

  5. I enjoyed reading both of your answers. :) Bonnie, I like salmon too. Victor, watching birds is lots of fun!

  6. Yoo surtanly haf bizzy lives! Fanks fur sharing all that infurrmation wif us!

  7. I agree that human hands are great toys! But only the hands of the Awesome Man.

    If I could I'd buy you the Temptations Factory and I'd just eat the crumbs you didn't want.


  8. Hehe...great answers!

    Bonnie, you are my hero!

    But I love you too Victor!


  9. we love that Hippo Birdy song too. Yay.
    Victor you are wild and sillly like I used to be. Bonnie, you are krabby sometimes, kind of like Princess.

    Happy Day!

  10. those are some berry good lists. You mean you can BUY a tempayshuns factory??? REALLY????? MAMAAAAAAAA........ Where's your purse? I need the Veesa Card!!!!


    ps.... we're back!!!!

  11. good news it only took 6 years and a few mouths mu shue and Lilly were seen cuddling toghter !!!!! lilly was gromming mu shue and he grommed lilly back no hissing or paw punches were exchanged. Mu shue and Lilly Lu both agreed on one thing I driveing them nuts. Just doing my job


  12. Zoom Groom? What's a Zoom Groom? I don't know what it is, but I think I probably needs it, I'll have to add that to my list for things Mum is neglecting to buy for me. I think I might call some sort of cat agency and report her for neglectful pet supply buying!

  13. We wuz wondering what a zoom groom wuz too. That wuz good annsers, and if yoo want we can put our money wiv yours to buy dat Temtayshuns fakktree

  14. Those are all very good answers. We love our Zoom Groom too!

  15. Great to learn more about you two! Bonnie, I think that we might have similar personalities... what with the hissing at the beans and all.

  16. What is a Zoom Groom? Does it make noise? Wonderful answers to the Meme!! We love learning new things about our friends.
    Your FL furiends,
    Samantha & Tigger

  17. Hey Victor, you forgot about " stepping onto your bean's brownies on the kitchen counter"!!

  18. wow that was a whole lot of information all at once!

  19. Crinkle Balls and Tin Foil! Yeah!

    And we love your Bad Habits Victor..

    Sending many purrs and loves to you both. Squishy Hugs

  20. i got eight bucks i can put in for the factory if that would help. it's the laundry money that my Mom finds from the Dad's pockets

  21. I know where MomBean puts the spare change, I'm in for the factory!

  22. Shoot, you've already been nominated. Oh well. I too nominated you as a rockin boy blogger. Enjoy your popularity Victor!

  23. Sounds like you guys like sleeping as much as I do. FAZ

  24. Tag, you're it! Join the Save the Bears, Save the World Meme started by FiveCatsMom. Stop bear bile farming today.


  25. loved your answers... i never have time to do those tag things!

  26. come bisit our bloggie, okay? We's back now and we's a berry little bit lonely

    taz n angel

  27. That was fun! I love reading about the two of you! Bonnie, admit it, Victor has grown on you!

    I hope you have a superfantastic weekend!

  28. My pesty little brother Nicky loves the Zoom Groom too, Victor. Me, I like a stiffer brush especially under my chin, but maybe I could get used to the softer Zoom Groom.

  29. We love getting know more about our kitty friends!

  30. D'ja find the Victor Repelunt at Amazon yet, Bonnie????

  31. Furry excellent responses, Bonnie and Victor! I like to learn neat-o stuff 'bout the two of you!