Monday, March 08, 2010

Men on Monday

Oh, lookie at this! Our good Flickr friend Natasha is on the cover of this new book! Isn't she lovely? She lives right here in Wisconsin, too. Mom thinks the book will be funny, but Natasha is a serious tabby cat. Purrs, Nina

Oh! If you use ABP to block ads, you might not see Natasha's picture! So here's this linky instead. Why Men Make Bad Pets (Humor, Keepsake)

**** Special Meowncement **** Oh my cats! We have just found out that another Flickr friend has a cat picture in this book! She hasn't told her cats yet that it's another cat, not one of them... How very exciting!

*Purr purr purr purr purr purr purr*


  1. That is so cool that your friend is on a book cover! She is totally famous now! And that does sound like it could be a very funny book!

  2. Natasha is a cutie!!! The book sounds great!

  3. She is lovely! How lucky you are to live so close.

  4. Natasha is sez dat book must be non-fiction.

  5. Natasha is very famous to be on the front of that book.