Sunday, June 08, 2008

What Happened - Test Results

My friends, the emergency vet called Friday with the lab results for Bonnie. The results point to either lymphoma or hepatitis - the technicians are split on which. Briefly, lymphoma means cancer somewhere in the lymphatic system and hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. Or maybe she had both. We could find out for certain, but we'd have to pay for more tests. We feel the information we have is enough to bring us closure. Most importantly, it was NOT something in her environment and it was NOT contagious.

Bonnie had a blood test last August before being knocked out for teeth-cleaning and the results were normal. While she was out, the vet examined her more thoroughly than was possible with Bonnie awake (she would, with great dignity, growl, hiss and snap throughout the exam). Nothing was detected then.

The "signs" of illness we now recognize were few and easy to overlook or explain away. The worst was weight loss. She was looking a bit skinny, but we didn't realize she had dropped from 12+ lb to 9.5 lb. Aside from that, she was typical Bonnie - demanding water from the sink instead of the fountain; requesting extra Temptations so as to avoid eating mere cat food; mellowing her reaction to one of our friends as he became familiar; tolerating Victor somewhat more than before. Nothing extraordinary. Typical ornery Bonnie!

The weekend before Bonnie died, I watched Victor approach her in her kitty kuddler. They touched noses and she didn't growl or hiss. I don't know who was more surprised, me or Victor. But Wednesday morning, waiting for treats, she gave Victor one heck of a whap on the nose. That was Bonnie for you - Beauty and Beast rolled into one.

I've changed the blog title, but it's not final. For one thing, it's too long. It's Victor's blog now and we'll change it slowly. As for a title, "Victor Tabbycat", "The Spin Doctor", "Victor's Blog"... I don't know. He'll tell me when he's ready, but some part of Bonnie Underfoot will always be part of this blog.

((((HUGS)))) and PURRS
Tabbymom Jen and Victor Tabbycat


  1. I am very glad that you were able to find out enough of what happened to Bonnie to be able to rule out anything in her environment or anything contagious. She certainly didn't have many symptoms and her last blood test was normal, so there's nothing to blame yourself for. It was just her time to go.

  2. Mom is going through the same thing with the title of our blog. I really do like what you've done with yours being in the memory of Bonnie. Maybe we'll do something like that too. Us cats are experts in hiding our deteriorating health because way back when we were in the wild, the weakest were the next meal for the more healthy ones. When Lilly started on the fluids Mom was floored that she started doing things she hadn't done in years. She also stopped swatting and slapping me. Mom made the remark that she was afeared that this was her last "hurrah" and she was right. But we know Lilly and Bonnie are up "there" playing together and back to purrfect health again. They will both be there when it's our time to cross, which Mom says better be in a squillion years!

    Love from Laila

  3. Mom has had dogs who have died suddenly, from old age and after extended illness. One way is no easier than the other. She also had a woofie who died suddenly only 2 days after her annual exam. She also had tests run to find out why. It does help to at least know why. We're very glad it was nothing contagious.

  4. At least now you know that it was not contagious. We are almost too good at hiding our illnesses and there is nothing to blame yourself for.
    Since Victor is the best spin doctor that we know, we kind of think that's cool, but you are right, he'll let you know what it should be!
    Smooches to you and to Victor!

  5. Reading this made our mom go all leaky again. Losing Bonnie was the biggest shock that we've had in a long time. We're glad you know what took her so suddenly to the Bridge.

    No matter the new title, Bonnie will always be known here.

  6. On one hand I am glad that it was not a contagious disease, for other one it saddens me that you could not have detected the symptoms before.


  7. It is always so much easier to see signs of trouble in retrospect. On a day to day basis, the signs are so subtle that it is easy to miss- especially when her last bloodwork was fine. I think it is good to at least have an idea of the problem, and to be reassured that it wasn't something contagious.

    I think "The Spin Doctor" is so cute! But I'm sure Victor has his own ideas about a new title.

  8. We's glad yoo found out that it wasn't anything yall did by aksident or anyfing contajus. Dat's all yoo needs to know, we agrees. Bonnie will always be a parta the bloggie in membry fur sure. We'll always a'member her wif big grins to haf got to know her.
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  9. We imagine it is very hard to change the blog title. Whatever you are comfortable with and when....

    We're glad you have the comfort of knowing whatever Bonnie had wasn't contagious and it wasn't anything you can "guilt over."

  10. Does symptoms were the same as sweet Marie hadded, Nana Bean says. The vet tested her's in October of last year and didn'ts find anything. She was great and spunky up to a few weeks back.

    We are happy you choose to help Bonnie not to suffer as did Nana Bean.

    I am sure Marie and Bonnie, withs the sames tude as they have here will meet up on The Rainbow Bridge!

  11. We're glad you have some closure now, and the name of the blog is a good way to 'member Bonnie. Mom says that sometimes kittehs just get sick no matter how much they're loved, and we all have to go on. Sending you purrs.

  12. Thanks so much for the update. I hope it brings some closure for you. Only time will heal the hurt and leave, in its wake, a special loving memory. Oh, it would be so nice if they could talk to us and tell us they are sick or hurting. Only a true cat lover knows the hurt and loss.

    We love you!
    CalicoMom Toni

  13. Those test results tell you there was nothing more you could have done. It's hardest for you that Bonnie went so quickly, but for her it was a blessing that she didn't have time to deteriorate and enjoyed her last days with you.We'll never forget Bonnie. We like the title Spin Doctor, after all Victor is the King of Spin.

  14. We lost a cat to liver failure and from reading I do know that hep can be a somewhat silent killer. As an acupuncturist my human says it does make sense that such an ornery cat would have a liver problem (they are related in Oriental Medicine).

    Purrs and We can totally understand having to think of a good title. I am glad there is nothing to worry about with Victor.

  15. They hide it so well...sickness is not suppose to be shown, ever. *sigh* that's just the way it is. We're glad it wasn't something she ate or something contagious.

  16. Energetically grumpiness isn't really a symptom per se--it just points out certain imbalances--which often manifest in liver issues, so Bonnie did fit that!

    Personality always leads us to imbalances even if we don't think of it as a sympton--Oriental medicine is about the whole being!

  17. Tabbymom it is good that you have this information. Some diseases start slow, so aren't detected, then flare up fast. So probably nothing you could have done one way or the other. She went quickly.

    But Bonnie was like me at the VET, I hiss and growl with the best of them.

    Purrs and hugs from Derby and mum.

  18. We're glad to know it wasn't anything contagious as you are. We think of you often and we're glad you all are okay. We'll always think of Bonnie when we talk to Victor.

    Hugs and purrs,
    Alexi and the Krasota Castle gang

  19. We iz glad you found out what was the issue. We like your new blog title. We iz sending you guys purrs and we hope you find peace in the coming days.

  20. It's good to have closure. It allows you to be at peace. We will all always love and miss Bonnie Underfoot and there will always be a part of her on the blog.

    We love "The Spin Doctor."

    -The McKitten-cats

  21. I am glad you were able to get some closure from the answers from the vet. You took such great care of Bonnie and did all that could be done for her. Little kitties can get sick so fast for no known reason. Each day needs to be spent appreciating those that we are close to and love.
    Tell Victor that I am thinking of him and will keep checking in to see how all of you are doing.

  22. I am relieved to see that Bonnie did not get into anything that could harm her or have anything contagious.
    It gives you peace of mind,knowing there was nothing you could have done. It does not,however,make her passing any easier.
    Purrs & Headbutts to all of you.

  23. I know having a good idea of why Bonnie had to run off the Bridge helps...doesn't bring her back but it's got to help a little. It's kind of like when Hank the Dog started getting sick. He got sick so fast and his symptoms were so strange that the People worried they'd given him something toxic or a sicko neighbor had poisoned him. They still don't know 100% for sure, but the lady vet he saw last groped him all over and said she was 99.9% sure he had cancer. She could feel a mass on his spleen, and he was very pale. That's when they knew they hadn't done anything wring, and they needed to let him go.

    I know the Woman *still* misses him. And sometimes when I see a dog that looks like him outside I have to take a second look. But at least we know, and won't spend forever with What If hanging over us. I hope knowing about Bonnie helps you too.

  24. We are so glad you found out enough what was wrong and that it won't effect Victor! Whatever name Victor decides on will be fine with us! ((((((Hugs to you both))))))),
    Your FL furiends,

  25. We are so sorry for your loss. We know how hard it is to lose a furry family member.

    One veterinarian explained to us that cats are very good at hiding illness, as in the wild it is adaptive for them to not show signs of weakness. Hearing that made us feel better that there were not signs that we missed, because the signs just were not there.

    Bonnie knows how much you loved her.

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, and Mom Sue

  26. Thank you for letting us know about Bonnie. I am glad it's nothing Victor could catch.
    Your blog title is perfect right now. Bonnie will always be a part of this blog, just like Bear will always be a part of mine.
    It's so hard to let them go, isn't it.
    pee ess: Whatever name you decide on for Victor is fine, but The Spin Doctor just suits him to a "T". No one spins quite like Victor!

  27. We're glad ya at least know "about" what the problem was and dont hafta worry about infectshun!

  28. I'm glad you now know what happened and that it wasn't something Victor could catch. There was nothing you could have done. I feel your sadness but at least it needn't be accompanied by feelings of guilt. She was a super, feisty cat. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you all. xxx

  29. We are glad you got some closure on Bonnie. The not knowing can be hard. We will miss her.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  30. Oh TabbyMom Jen, my heart is breaking for you - it's so hard to look back and realize that you missed the signs. Then you get a case of the "if only"s and that's harder still. Our cat Basil was sick for months, but since we were busy bringing Pearl into the family we missed all the signs. He was sick and then he was gone.

    There is good news in the test results though, knowing that you couldn't have done much to help and that Victor is safe.

    I love the new blog title, but you'll know when it's time to change again. And PB&J are voting for Spin Doctor too - it's so Victor.

    Take care,
    PB&JMom Amanda

  31. I hope life has been good for you Victor. It's sad that sometimes there were no signs of any symptoms until it's too late. Haiz.. that's life.

    Anyway, Congrats! Victor is featured in the CATSOSPHERE magazine this week :)

  32. Oh I am also glad that you were able to find closure. Bonnie was quite a character and very lucky to have found a family that loved her despite her less than polite ways at times. I'm sure she remembers you all with great fondness at the Bridge. Do you think she still whaps over there?

    Thank you for your kind words on our blog. They mean a lot to my mom.

  33. Its really great to have closure and know that she didn't suffer and it was nothing you could control. We sure miss. Victor, Bonnie knows you'll carry on the tradition well!


  34. At a time like this it's hard to know what to say. I'm just glad you were able to get some closure. Bonnie Underfoot will always be synonymous with Victor Tabbycat at least to us. Purrs and prayers to your family because I know this is a very hard time for all of you. Only thing good about it is that Bonnie did not suffer for a long time. She was one big sweetheart.

    Mom too.

  35. Hugs and purrs t all of you. I will have to stay quiet till august. Keep well and safe!

  36. We're so glad you know, and that it wasn't something contagious or environmental. We'll always remember her fondly - the title is purrfect for now. When you change it, we do like Spin Doctor though.

  37. It is good to know that it wan't something that you could have easily seen. Meowm felt better knowing that about her Rainbow girl, China.

  38. I'm glad you feel closure with the test results. It's very good to know there's no reason to be concerned about Victor's health, also.

  39. I am glad you were able to find out a bit more about what happened to Bonnie. When my sister Taffy was so ill, mom did not do any extra tests to find out if it was cancer or not, and she would have liked to. But mom had just spent thousands of dollars on Misty kidney removal and subsequent care for months, so she could not spend any more money.
    Purrs to you and your family,

  40. Dennis says hang in there, Victor. You must be a bit lonesome.

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