Friday, June 06, 2008

Furiends on Friday

Efurryone, I was enjoyin that catnip so much yesterday, I munched it super fast. I know it looks like I was hafin a harball, but I don't do that (I just koff). I was snatchin an eatin that leaf as fast as I could!

Wul, it's Furiday an I got lotsa furiends I's finkin bout right now. How come so many puddins seem to be in a hurry to join Bonnie ofur the bridge? Pleez don't go yet! We needs you here.

Our purrs an purrayers an harts go out to alla kitties an famblies hafin a hard time rite now. We luf you all!


  1. We agree completely! We think that all the kitties over the bridge would say the same thing - stay here with your families!

    Oh, Mommy started leaking again - she just noticed that you changed the name of the bloggie.

    Pearl, Bert and Jake

  2. We are thinking of and purring for these kitties, too ...


  3. We agree but the bridge must be a lovely place too with all our wonderful furrends. FAZ

  4. We are thinking about and purraying for those kitties and their families, too. :(

  5. Hmm.. .maybe they all miss Bonnie so much? I should hope they would stay with us.

  6. I would like to add my purrs to all of our friends who are in need.

  7. We agree that kitties need to stay here. It must be fun there though.

    Sammy eated 3 leafs of nip in about 5 seconds the ofur day. he's a nip hog

  8. We will be purrin' alongz wit you Victor. I yam awful glad dat you posted doze purrty pix of your frendz. I tink FAZ iz right, da bridge iz a sparkly beootyful place where all da kitteez are healthy again.

  9. As you say that I think of caesar and how much we really miss him. I miss his soft furs and his gentle voice and his eagerness and love....
    It has been a rough week.

    We have been purrring and praying for so many broken hearts to gently heal.


  10. Just like you, Willow and I are thinking about all the other kitties and sending over lots of purrs.

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

  11. Hard time in the blogosphere lately. It seems like we go through this a couple of times a year, and it bites. I want all my kitty friends to stay right here... I mean, I know the Bridge is a spiffy place, and they have all the Cheetos a kitty would care to lick, but still. I want them here.

  12. We agree with you! Oh goodness, you changed the name of your post. Mommy is leaking again!

    Victor, we love you!

    Purrs and prayers for those in need!

  13. Yes, that's true. We are still all so sad about our little Lilly. It's been bad days...

  14. That's a nice tribute to Bonnie - the new title of the blog.

    We hate to see so many leaving too.

    Purrs and tail wags,

  15. Oh Victor, you are such a good kitty! That's a great new name for the blog!

  16. I am praying for all of your friends to get better. There family needs them here not over the Bridge you are right about that.
    Will keep all in my thoughts too.