Friday, October 26, 2007

Photo Hunters: Pink

Photo Hunters

Daisy noticed that asides my Zoom Groom, I also gots a pink brush like hers. Actyoully, dis pink brush was buyed fur Bonnie or maybe efun the cat afore her, Scruffy. Anywho, since Bonnie don’t like to be brushed an I do, I use it.
My Pink Brush
Is it still manly to use a pink brush? It’s only mine second favoritest.
Pink Brush
I’s putted the bitey on it to purrsonalize it. I fink bite marks make it a bit more manly.
How I Brush Mine Teefs
I fink it’s manly to brush my teefs dis way. ::Nang nang nang::

PS Comment furification has stopped the spam. Bonnie is still huntin "Adam" who lefted a spam comment at the Meezers' bloggie. And she mite help Mosaic Lady hiss at her Anonymouse spammy commenter, too. Attack Tabby On Duty!


  1. fun entry! It made me smile. :)
    happy weekend!

  2. Oh oh, I hope it's not to "manly" to chew your brush. That's what I do too~Sadie

  3. Chomp, chomp...that's one yummy pink...

  4. Haha, great shots. Our four masters react differently to brushing. Robyn and Bebe, our long hair tabbies love being groomed, but Ted and Bebe, both short haired, see the brush as a chew toy too! Happy weekend

  5. Oh yes bites make a brush more manly and a lot more purrsonal! :)

  6. That pink brush is the very greatest! Victor, I think you can be a mancat and still enjoy your pink brush. Especially with bitey-marks on it.

  7. Cool shots. I suspect it is the taste of plastic they dig. Mine do too.

  8. that's so funny! my long hair cat always tries to kill her brush, too.

  9. You look very cute putting the bitey on that pink brush, Victor. I agree that it is manly to brush your teeth like that.

  10. oh dat heart shaped handle is furry manly

  11. Since I have the pink cowwar on as well, I guess I have to agwee that pink stuff can be manwy too.

  12. Nang nang nang!
    You made Mosaic Lady chortle out loud, Victor!
    We both thank you for that.
    How adorable you are!! Especially in pink!
    Ur Cute Sadie Badie
    (Tell Bonnie Annie likes her style!)
    (Don't be confused. This is Sadie. I'm just too lazy to log out and log back in, of course.)

  13. A freal Mancat can have a pink and STILL be a real Mancat!!!
    Teeth marks....very cool!!
    Go get the Spammers!!

  14. I like to chew on big toothbrushes too - they're the best!

  15. Bonnie, I saw where you're trying "Core" dry food. That's the one dry food Ninna eats now, when she's not eating canned food, that is. She likes the smell (and Mom likes that there's no grain)!

  16. Bitey on da brush - good job!

    P.S. - we gots spammed by that Adm dude too!