Saturday, October 27, 2007

Purrs and Purrayers for Miss Peach

Miss Peach is very weak and not eating, but still snuggling up to her mom and purring.

Adan started this cherish meme for Miss Peach:
Here are some ways (depends on which person you write), and bring our love to Miss Peach! She always makes us know what love is!
1. tell us what is the most sweetest warm thing you will do to your mommy (what is the sweetest thing that your kitty will do to you)
2. And, hug your mommy, tightly... (and, hug your kitty....tightly...)
3. Tag your good friend...
4. Leave your computer, and continuing hug each other...

An we's not sure who created this image, but we want to share it.


  1. We are purring real hard for Miss Peach too. FAZ

  2. Thank you Bonnie and Victor for your cherished meme. This is a very hard time for us right now. Nothing is kinder than the paw of a furryfriend....mommy is so very sad and wishes she never went to North Carolina and left me for a week. She came back sick too...we are comforting each other.
    Love Miss Peach

  3. We are purrin and purring fur sweet Miss Peachy with alla our hearts.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  4. We are all purraying hard for Miss Peach and her Mommy and Daddy too.

    Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus