Friday, October 26, 2007

We asked for HAM, not SPAM!

Due to a sudden increase in spam comments, we have enabled the comment verification code. We apologize to our wonderful furiends who read and comment frequently. This inconvenience is brought to you by:
8 users named "*" where * is several different names
1 user from an "online pharmacy" who commented 6 times "Your blog is great. Articles is interesting!"
1 user called "Name"

What all these comments have in common is some initial text that looks a bit like the comment moderation text. This is clearly an automated attack.

Like the title says, WE ASKED FOR HAM, NOT SPAM!!!

PS We get the feeling Bonnie does not like canned turkey Wellness. She took one whiff and RAN from the room, growling her displeasure. As they say, to the Victor go the spoils. But he'll eat it LONG before it's spoiled.


  1. oh no not spam!! we was still getting spam efen wif comment verification, so we taked off the verification and put in the "no anonymouse uses" feature and we doesn't haf spam anymore.

    it's not a good thing if your food makes you run away growling. YIKES!!!

  2. Your blog is great. Articles is interesting!

    ... just kidding! Spam is very, very yucky. Not at all like hams.

    That Turkey Wellness must be mighty bad to make Bonnie growl!

  3. We get that now and then but not as much as you have. No worries, we have to do it on lots of other blogs too :).


  4. Oh Victor and Bonnie,
    That is so funny. Last night ML got one that said something like: "go easy on the hot air. Love, cathound." Of course she took it personally and is now working on tracking the perp down in Lebanon, Oregon. I don't think a person named Anonymous should be hard to locate, do you?

    Victor, it took me FOREVER to come out from the good drugs. I was weaving out of my walking lane and wobbling all over the house, even this morning! ML would never, EVER, let me sleep at the vet's, however. Here is what your mom can say next time they insist one of you sleep over so they can "observe" you:

    "Precisely who on your staff will be sleeping next to my Victor/Bonnie's cage to observe all night?" and when they say not one person will be there overnight, of course, then she can say: "Right. That is why there is NO REASON ON EARTH my cats should sleep here all alone."

    It's nuts here right now. Bianca is puking every day again. ML just finished washing ALL of her bedding and putting it back on from the pukefest of last night, and SHIT if she didn't just puke all over her bedroom floor and bed spread again. Many f-bombs were dropped, Victor.
    Did I answer your questions?
    xo Sadie Badie xo

  5. Oh daddy loves fried spam...ohoh, mommy sez bad comments not da weerd meat stuff. Sorry...

  6. Spam is so bad!

    I am very picky about my food too, my Mum says for such a not very, very, very skinny cat, I sure am a picky eater.

  7. aaaccckkkk! we jinxed ourselfs - we haf not hadded a spam comment in like MONFS. and today, there was ADAM. AAAAHHHHHHH

  8. Bonnie,
    Mosaic Lady turns OFF the porch lights on Halloween. And sometimes she makes us watch tee vee in the dark.
    It's not that she objects to the holiday for religious reasons.
    She objects to children.
    Especially on her property.
    Your plastic pumpkins look better now, don't they?

  9. stooopit spammers.
    we should put the the bitey on them

  10. ...But it's Wellness! Wellness is always yummy, especially the lobster!

  11. Quote "Oh daddy loves fried spam...ohoh, mommy sez bad comments not da weerd meat stuff. Sorry..." From Zippy,Speedy & Sadie

    Heeheehee, Mom said she did not know that Spam was considered
    "meat"(kidding ;) )

    Darn mean beans to spam you and not ham you :)