Thursday, October 26, 2006

Concerns from Vet

To my adoring fans... since our traumatic mishandling last week, I haf taken it upon myself to be a little more tollerant of my staff and even that stoopid cowcat, Victor. My woman has carefully read the comments from all of you and is trying to gif me a little more attention when I'm open to it. She is keepin all the ofur possibilities in mind.

Victor is out today - back to the vet fur his teeth cleanin. They'll also microchip him an trim his nails, as long as he's there. I get the house to myself fur 24 glorious hours! Nya, nya. On the down side, all the food disappeared last night. Oh, sure, we had stinky goodness out of the blue, but affer that, efurryfing was gone! GONE! I'll haf to report my staff fur negligence. Sure, they gafe me crunchies when Victor wasn't round an put out my food as soon as he was caged, but still! {disgruntled tail flick}

Now then, my woman mentioned Prozac, Feliway and Stay Calm! to our vet, and she discouraged their use thusly:
  • Prozac has not been officially approved fur use in cats. There's no dosage guideline and she doesn't recommend tryin it.
  • Feliway sometimes werks, sometimes doesn't.
  • Stay Calm! can be toxic fur some cats but not dogs.
So I win this round; I can keep bein my beautiful, snarky self.
But Bonnie, you haven't been as snarky. Since the vet last week, you have:
  • Slept on the boy's bed with Victor at the ofur end - We were on different blankets, so it doesn't count.
  • Slept on the boy's feet during his bedtime story - That's my spot and he was in my way. I left as soon as you did.
  • Tolerated Victor in my computer chair while you were in Dad's - I mean your - computer chair - So? Different chairs. I had mine. Too much effort to get up and chase him away.
  • Allowed me to stroke your head when you were sitting beside me in the computer room - I was lulled by a full tummy an didn't notice what you were doin.
  • Last night, Dad put you in my lap and you STAYED THERE, curled up on my lap for about 15 minutes - I was NOT curled up in your lap. I was loafin, trying to get you to gif up the second best chair since the man removed me from the bestest chair.
But Bonnie, I heard you purring.
You can't prove it. Any of it.
I have pictures - I'll post them tonight.


  1. I have used prozac on one of my psycho kittie. He did become a little wonky but on the whole nothing bad. Of course, I only used it to get him into a carrier and to the vet. Otherwise he would have ripped off my arm.

  2. Oh Bonnie, sounds like your busted! That's good, though. Lovin' and snugglin' with beans is nice.

  3. The vet did gave me zoloft for one of my hyper active cats...I never did try it because they explained that once you start with the meds you can't just STOP it. At least there are things out there to help.

    I wonder do you think it would help to have a animal(cat)behavioralist come out and evaluate Bonnie with Victor?

  4. Ahhwww Bonnie we can see that you are just a loving cat and you are just pretending to be angry about Victor. We are sure you missed him when he was at the vet for his teeth cleaning.

  5. I haven't removed any limbs yet, but they've never "pilled" me.
    Merlin, I spose it's ok, but only on my terms. That way, it's espeshully appreshiated.
    Debra, that's one suggestion we're still finkin bout. But one look in our house an they'll say, "First, reduce the clutter." I LIKE clutter. There's always sumfin good to sleep on.
    Cecilia, haf you been sneakin sum nip? I was happiest as an only cat, controllin my staff my way.

  6. Momma is shocked that humans give prozac to cats. She thought cats WERE prozac!

  7. Bonnie, I completely understand what you're going through. I've also been wrongly accused of affection recently. So maybe I was purring and doing luv paws on the human under the blanket on the Blonde Girl's bed, but I THOUGHT it was the Blonde Girl! Why on earth was the Allergic Girl in the Blonde Girl's bed? And, that incident where I cuddled with the Quiet Girl...well, the Blonde Girl was thrashing around in her sleep and I had to go SOMEWHERE. I couldn't go sleep with the Lady - she's always covered in Midnight and Cocoa. And, by the way, just because I growl at Cocoa when the Blonde Girl is petting him DOES NOT MEAN I'M JEALOUS. I'm simply announcing my presence by saying my name, "Grr".

  8. Mama finally remembered. A long time ago one of the before kitties here was really upset at a new kitty(not me). So for a couple of weeks she was put on a furry low dose of valium. It seemed to help her adjust. They never liked eachother, though.

  9. Heh. Buddah had to go to the stabby place today, too...only they didn't keep him, he got to come home and HE LIKED IT! What the heck IS it with these younger cats nowadays????

    No one can prove I'm tolerating Buddah, either. Just keep being snarky. It's what we do best ;)

  10. Sibling rivalry. It comes and goes.

  11. Rut-roh, Bonnie! She's got proof! So mom, when you gonna post! We're anxious to see!

  12. Oh, no Victor!!! I'll be purrin' for ya. Hopes efurryfing goes well at the V-E-T.
    ::Purrs & nose nuzzles::

    BTW...Momma sez fanks for the info 'bout the Calm Down.

  13. It does sound like you might be calming down a bit, dear. That's good.


  14. We've had great success with DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromones) with our dogs, but Feliway has been more iffy. I won't say it doesn't work, but it hasn't been the miracle worker that the DAP has been. I'd definitely suggest giving it a try if you haven't already, though.

  15. Have you tried Rescue Remedy or Valerian Root Drops? I know quite a few people who've had good results with both .