Friday, October 27, 2006

Victor's Home

Hi efurryone! I's back frum spending a long day an nite at the v-e-t. I's ok now, but last night I felt kinda funny, like affer too much catnip.

I got outa my cage an emailed Boni an Mini at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats, cuz I found a puter left on an wif my Yahoo! email, I could, so I did.

I just looked at that email agin... Here, I'll tell ya what I said.
I don't know what happind, but my teefs taste an feel funny, my neck hurts a little, an sumbody trimmed my claws, but I don't amember nofing. At least they left the puter on so I could email you. Don't tell them I'm outa my cage!

This place smells funny an there are lotsa woofies around. I hope Mom comes to get me soon. I's goin back to my cage now; I feel safer there. The foods only ok - no Temptations, efun if I spin. {sigh} An I can't catch the purple 8-legged mousies cuz they just pop like bubbles an spin away. Wheeeeeee zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Ho-kay, I guess it's good I stayed ofur night. Boni (not my sisfur Bonnie) teleported ofur to keep me company in my cage. Wasn't that nice of her? I didn't haf my snowpants, so it was kinda cold until she came. I'd haf emailed my speshul furiend Emmy, but they gotsa blizzard, so I wouldn't want her teleportin to get messed up! Maybe I'll take my snowpants an visit her ofur the weekend.

So while I was goned, Bonnie was her old self, acept she stopped Mom frum puttin up those pictors. I'll help her do that later. Mom didn't get more pictors, but Bonnie got into Dad's lap fur almost 45 minutes - A new record! An she purred reely loud an she marched round the house like she owns it, cept Mom an Dad's room, cuz it smells most like me. This mornin, she slept wif the boy efun tho he wiggles in his sleep an she let him snuggle her an she purred reeely loud fur him.

When I gots home, Mom gav us treats. When Bonnie camed to the kitchen, she hissed me once, then gave me lotsa sniffin when I wasn't lookin, but she wasn't as angry as Mom feared she might me. It's like Bonnie said, "It was nice when he was gone, but I knew he'd be back." Then she wented into the boy's room again. I hope she keeps bein nicer to Mom an Dad cuz they's sad when she's so angry an I'm sad cuz it's my fault.

Ok, I's gettin reely tired now. I'm gonna go sleep on the couch... I'm so happy to be home!
Purrs to alla my furiends! Keep warm an stay away frum the v-e-t! Lotsa us went yesterday... me an Buddah an Boni an Mini an... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. First!

    Good to know all went well for the both of you. :)

  2. we're so glad ya sir-vived yur 'sperience! we duzzn't let nobuddy touch our teefies no-how, no-way. yur gonna hafta put the bitey on lotsa stuff now so you kin get yur teefies back ta how ya likes 'em.

  3. I think Buddah is jealous. He didn't get to see any purple mousies with even just FOUR legs at the stabby place. He blames the People for that, because they wouldn't let him snoop around...

  4. Welcome back home Victor. Sounds like you had an interesting time at the vet. Bubbles aslo went to have his teetch cleaned and to get his chip as few months ago. I'm sure you are still resting and relaxing after your ordeal, so purrs and headbutts.

  5. Phew, I am glad you got back from the v-e-t OK and efurrything went well, Victor.

    Don't blame yourself for how Bonnie is, you just go on being cute and adorable for your People.

    Thank you for the purrthday wishes you sent me - the song was lovely!

  6. I's sooooo glad that you maded it home safely!! I wished that I could've come too visit, but you're right 'bout the weather. I love for you to come visit this weekend.
    ::purrs & nuzzles::

  7. Whew. Sounds like quite the trip to the vet, but we're glad it's all ok. And we hope Bonnie is more accepting now too!

  8. you are such a handsome kitty and your sister is so pretty, too
    Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog, it means a lot

  9. Victor, it's not your fault!!! Some poodins are just like that, and maybe Bonnie's one of them. But the pikshurs prove that she can stand to be near you wifout hissing all the time. It's your furefurr home too, so she will jsut haf to aksept it sometime.

  10. Hiya Victor...

    Tanks fur cummin bye ta talk about Sandy Red.

    I missus him. He waz my furst real friend -- even doh we fought about who gotz ta be top kitty.

    Sandy won, but datz okay.

    About my teef cleanin...

    Dey trimmed my nailz too. And took away 4 teef dat waz hurtin me. I waz in pain fur a few dayz, but dey don't call me Spunky for nuttin... Ize a fighter and I heeled real fast!!!

    And now I feel wike eatin again!!

    and talkin too. I wuvs my mummie.

    Your furry friend.

    Boo Bear.