Sunday, May 21, 2006

Special Delivery

We got our secrit paws yesterday - special delivery! See, lovely Norwegian Forest cats Ullrick and Vessa from Sweden were our secret paws and their mom, Curiosa, sent our package a long time ago, but it nefur camed! It was coming acrossed the ocean, so I fink maybe a big fish ated it.
Then, Ullrick sent me an email lass week an told me he was sending Curiosa here to Whiskonsin and she could bring us our secrit paws goodies herself cuz he hided them in her bag! So I told Mom, an she an Curiosa met an had coffee an bagels (I'd prefer fish) an... an... WE GOTS GOODIES! See?
Secret Paws

There're two little mousies, treats, a mousie that rolls by itself, cat grass, a long stripey mousie that looks like a kitty tail, an a bouncy ball wif a bell! I almost jumped on the table while Mom was makin the pictor - I could hardly wait!

Mom gave us some treats first. Do I haf to share wif Bonnie?
What IS that?

Bonnie sniffed the long mousey, but wasn't sure bout it. So Mom gave it to ME! I knowed what to do!
What's This?

I sniffed it all ofur, and then we wrestled!
It's Attacking Victor!

It almost got me, but I put the bite on it an won! Rowr!
Victor Bites Back

While I was busy wrestlin wif the long mousie, Bonnie checked out one of the little mousies. I think she laid down on it.
Bonnie & Mouse

Mom is saving the ofur toys fur later an said the grass has to grow before we can has it. But we gots more of the treats today! Mmmmm. Fanks so much Ullrick an Vessa an Curiosa!


  1. Those gifts look like they will be a lot of fun when your human pet decides to let you have what is rightfully your's! The mouse with the long tail seems like a worthy adversary for you, Victor.

    I'm also glad to hear that somehow, Curiosa, got through Customs with those cat treats. After hearing Edsel's story, do you think it might be possible the first shipment never came through due to them as well? You're lucky they didn't come after you two!

  2. You are furry lukcy to get such nice toys. Victor seems to be doing well with his adversary!

  3. I just LOVE getting packages! We were so excited to get our Secret Paws package a few months back. We are all so lucky to have such a fun group of cat friends!

  4. What wonderful news, Victor, but how come YOU didn't get to meet Ullrick's Mom? At least you got some great new toys.

  5. Dat is one cool mousie...MOM I want one of dem long haired mousies...MOM!!!


  6. Wow we like that long black and white mousie. That is cool. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  7. I think you hit the motherload! I'm glad there were enough toys for both of you to play at the same time (we know how Bonnie doesn't like to share with you, Victor).

  8. Wow you gots lots of good stuff. Way much better than the couple little mousie fings Mom brought home for us. Plus she tried to sneak in a harness on me but I put the bite on her!

  9. How fun!

    Did Bonnie try to hatch the mousie?

  10. We are coming to your place. We haven't had any new toys in a squillion naps!!

    Patches Lady

  11. Hey, efurryone! I'm feelin furry lucky indeed. Mom's stashing our toys to pull out when we can't finds any later (I hide 'em). I didn't meet Curiosa cuz I don't like coffee an Mom hads to go to werk after that. I don't wants to go to werk!
    I'm afraid I broked the long mousie already. I didn't mean to!
    Bonnie hasn't hatched the little mousie yet, but I hope she can do that.
    Poor Calico Girls - do we needs an intervention? Come on ofur, but watch out for the men outside panting on the house. You could gets extra colors on your coats!

  12. Nice load of loot. Toys don't last long around here either... Fluffmonster tries to make kittens out of them and licks them to pieces. Poor maternally frustrated little gal. I guess that's why she's so partial to Princess.

  13. Wow! Christmas in the month of May...sweet!

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