Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Mother's Day?

Or... It's the Thought that Counts.

Victor - Bonnie, I don't think Mom liked our Mother's Day gift furry much.
Bonnie - So? You put it there.
V - Yeah, but it was your idea.
B - So? I told you, we give her somefing that's special to us.
V - Yeah, that part's good. That's one of my favoritest toys.
B - It was *my* favorite until you stole it.
V - I tried to share it! Okay, so it's special to us bof.
B - And I told you, we put it where she'd be sure to find it.
V - Yeah, but...
B - But what? She found it, right?
V - Yeah, but... I think we shoulda put it sumwhere else.
B - It was fine there... How was I supposed to know she wouldn't scoop until Monday?


  1. Uh-oh... that didn't sounded furry good, furriends. Maybe a second gift as a make-up? And how about using a second location this time purrhaps?

    Your Mommy should be furry happy with you then!


  2. You gave her poop as a Mother's Day gift? Sillies. You're supposed to poop on her pillow when you're mad at her.

    P.S. Can you come to my site and help me and the Mom decide what's she's going to paint on her mortar board for graduation?

  3. bwhahahaha! Bet she was sure surprised! Sorry, we shouldn't laff but we could jus picshur her findin' the present. Hope you gets her somefin else nice.

  4. Poop!

    Why that's brilliant!

    I wish I had thought of that!

  5. Try leaving your favorite toy in the toilet next time. That way she'll find it first thing in the morning.

  6. we has never tried that - maybe we should.

  7. My mom laughed at this gift! She says that often, when she's buying food and litter, she wonders shy she even has to have cats. She says she should just by turd-laden litter and cut out the middle man.

    Whatever. Remember, the middle man snuggles with you at night, lady!

  8. *giggle

    You are too funny Victor and Bonnie!


  9. Aww.. sometimes Georgia does that by accident. She's kinda old you know and sometimes she gets sorta constipated. Momma didn't see it as a Momma's Day gift or anything...

  10. What ARE you guys thinking? Bonnie told me to drop our TOY into the litterbox! It's so special to us, it was all we could gif Mom. And she'd be sure to find it there, where we've nefur left our toys before. An she kept it!

    About 4 this morning, I gave Mom some really big huggy snuggleys in bed and purred as loud as I could. That's MY new Mother's Day gift.

  11. Someone reminded my woman, "You know, you have a BOX of POOP in your house." Uh, yeah, I guess so. Hey, if we had an allowance, we could actually BUY her a gift. We had to make do. Not make doo, we do that anyway. Geesch. Beans just don't appreciate us.

  12. Poop pr did you just bury your gift in the poop box? ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO

  13. Bodily functions,we bury our bodily funtions in the sand.......sounds like a song!

    Patches Lady

  14. I'd never leave a present in the box. I don't even like to go near the box. Our mom says that we are all the presents that she ever needs.

  15. Yeah, I don't like to leave things in the litter box either, unless I want to freak out my peep. Once I left a feathery toy there that I didn't like. She got the message about that one pretty quick. She's so easy to freak out. But back to Mother's day. I told my lady peep I'm sorry because I forgot to get her a card or a present, but she said it was okay, that next year I'll probably have a job and will be able to get her something twice as cool. I hope she was joking. I don't ever intend to actually work for a living. I see what its done to her and the man peep. They're exhausted every evening when they get home.

  16. Yall were nice to give your Mom your toy. Too bad she didn't preciate it. Beans are weird.

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