Friday, May 26, 2006

Beware of Cat

There are men working around outside my house this week. I heard my people say they are "house panters" or something. Whatever, as long as they stay outside.

One of them took my woman outside to talk yesterday, so I positioned myself at the top of the stairs, ready to stare down any invaders. But they took too long, so I decided it was probably ok and I let Victor take over my post.

In fact, I told Victor to hunch down at the top of the stairs and look menacing. He said he was afraid to attack anyone. I sat in the hall and said, "Don't worry, if anyone tries to get you, I'll be right here to protect you."

What's this "decoy" my woman says I've made of Victor?


  1. You don't think those panters are there to get your secrit paws loot, do you?

  2. House panters? That could get pretty messy with all that nasty, wet saliva all over the walls and such. I think you should make sure your human pet carries towels and wipes everything off. That's just gross.

  3. Are you sure it isn't a house panther? Better check..

    Patches Lady

  4. But I bet your really *would* protect him if you needed to.

  5. We are getting some house panters of our own at our Foster Mommy's. I've already asked her to make them bring stinky goodness. Ofurrwise, Bangles and I won't be allowing them inside the house.