Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Story of Bonnie

Since Bonnie told stories bout me, I'm telling on her.

Bonnie's called the Attack Tabby cuz she growls and hisses and swats people sometimes. The other night, Mom answered the door to a salesman, and while I stayed in the hallway out of sight, Bonnie stood behind Mom and growled at the man, again and again. Mom said, "Sorry, that's our attack cat. She's been like this since we brought another cat home." Silly Bonnie. She wouldn't be so brave if she didn't have Mom to hide behind.

Thanksgiving: Ho, boy! I had been here a whole month and Bonnie was as pissy as she can be. Dad's parents came to visit from Catifornia, so Mom and Dad and even the boy were picking up and cleaning and moving all kinds of interesting stuff around. Well, Bonnie was upset about me, she was also upset about the stuff-moving and cleaning, so then Dad's family arrived, Bonnie LOST IT! She growled at Mom and Dad lots and had to be timed out in their room. Then, she stopped eating and drinking! They said she growled so much, she turned into a pony (she was a little hoarse - B&V's Mom) so they shut her in their room with food, water, and a litterbox. But she still sulked under the bed and wouldn't eat. It was a weekend when Mom and Dad were home extra days and they said Bonnie needed to go to the vet but it wasn't open (I fink Bonnie planned that). When Mom finally took Bonnie to the vet after Dad's parents left, she was MEAN. Our vet's a really nice lady but Bonnie tried to bite her. They were afeared she ate somefing bad or had somefing stuck inside her or maybe even toomors, so they asked ex-Ray to take her pictor. His camera showed her insides but they didn't see anyfing. Well, she went to another vet so they could force her to have water with ivy. She was gone overnight and most of the next day and ex-Ray took another pictor but they still didn't find anyfing wrong. They said she was stressed out and that's why she wouldn't eat or drink or go potty.
Bonnie's Shaved LegMom says they thought she was "an or ex-ick" due to stress. When she relaxed a bit and was wet again, her blood test was normal. An maybe her throat hurt from hissing and growling. They shaved her leg (you can see it in the pictor) and used ivy to high-drate her. They put a e-collar on her and she was so mean, she dis-lodged the ivy, so they sent her home to relax after getting her wet enough. She's been fine ever since, just grumpy. Mom says that was a really expensive trick Bonnie played and now they know she's a Drama Queen.

So that's my story about Bonnie. I just want to be her friend, but she doesn't want any friends and that's sad. I fink she'd be happier if she'd be nicer to people.


  1. That does sound like a drama! (remind me to tell you about the time I got taken to the v-e-t after faking a hurt paw). I agree with you Victor, I think Bonnie would be happier if she played nicely with you. It's a shame you don't have another kitty friend to play with, but I guess ANOTHER cat in the house would send Bonnie right over the edge...

  2. Just another Diva, not wanting to share her space with others. Even if there is more than enough space and love for all.

  3. Some poodie (Shadow), we won't name names are just like that around here, mean all the time ~Merlin, Ko Ko

  4. Poor Bonnie. Poor Victor. Poor mom and dad! She is definitely a bit of a drama queen. Though I'd like her to stand behind me and growl at salesmen. That would be pretty funny! Not nice to growl at mom and dad, though. I hope she settles down at some point.

    ~ tammara

  5. Angel gets like that. Sometimes won't eat or drink or poop. Mama calls it new-rotick. We still don't know why she's like that. Sometimes she gets so bad, she licks her fur off. You can see it at Magoo's party, its growing back some, but she's still got some more to grow back. Silly girl!


  6. When Salem first came to live with us, I growled so much that I lost my voice for days! (well, after all, I had been a single kitty for ten years . . .)

  7. Maybe her needs a tranquilizer. Poor girl, she need extra hugs is all.

  8. Eric, the very thought sends shivers down my spine.
    Les Trois Chats, Mom felt the same way - "Are you sure you want to sell me something?"
    Patches, if they try to hug me, they'll regret it. I will *not* be snuggled, picked up, hugged, stroked, or otherwise manhandled. I'm a tough, hands-off kinda girl.

    Efurrybody, I was here first. It's been my territory, all of it, for 6 years, and I liked it that way. Victor doesn't manage the people right. HE tries to make THEM happy, and it's s'posed to be the other way around.