Saturday, March 04, 2006


I've been called "Wonderful" by KT Cat's human. Purr.
No UFO traffic? Hmmm. Well, that airplane flown by a mouse could be a UFO. So could the bubbles the woman was blowing at Victor this morning. And when we tear through the house like our tails are on fire, the woman cries, "Watch out for low-flying cats!" I think LFCs are a form of UFO. Oh, and after posting about tub hockey, we got spam comments about bathroom remodeling. Indeed.

Well, that got the woman to thinking about why she started my blog, and that's dangerous. She wanted to tell stories and share pictures of us. Then she read other blogs (yes, she's not the only nut doing this) and found them influencing her posts. The tub hockey league, cat-nap-athon, and pawtrait contest influenced her posts. So? She's happy and that amuses me.

Fine. She wanted to post cute cat pictures and funny stories. Here are mine.
Treats Bonnie's New Chair
Babies Bonnie & Ryan First of all, I have to remind my humans where the treats are kept. It's THIS cupboard.

Like good servants, they provided new furniture a couple years ago. I approve. It IS called FURniture, after all.

And finally, a baby picture (you can say "awwwww" now). Was I guarding him or threatening him? Yes, that's the old couch they finally replaced. Can you say, "Dah, dah, dah" (VW Golf ad from ~2000).

Victor amuses me, as long as he keeps his distance. He got stuck in the boy's dresser. A drawer was open and he went in to investigate. He went over the back of the drawer, but once there, he couldn't get out! He was stuck over the back of the drawer, unable to get under the front of the dresser to get out. *I* would have left him there, but the boy heard Victor crying. The woman got him out. She had to close the drawer a little, which scared him, then pull clothes out of the drawer to give him room. He squeezed out and everyone made a fuss over him. Then he barfed... twice! Probably because it squished his tummy. The boy thought he should go to the vet, but the woman said to see if he was ok overnight. She said, "All cats do that sometimes. If we took Bonnie to the vet everytime she barfed, we'd be there every week." Hmph. Victor got stuck and barfed, and everyone loves him. I barf and everyone is grossed out.

Victor has also proven to be a clutz. He was pulling the drawstring from a laundry bag onto the bed and it pulled him head-first into the laundry bag. He summersaulted over the footboard and into the bag. While Mom rescued him, he asked, "WOW! Can I do that again?" Stoopid cow cat.

More recently, he was trying to see out my West Window. He stood on slippery stuff and reached as high as he could, to the bottom of the blinds, but he couldn't see. First, it was dark out. Second, there's no ledge to sit on with the window closed. Third, he could barely get his toes to the blinds, so he certainly couldn't get his head to the window level. Stoopid. Well, the slippery stuff he was standing on slipped, and he fell head-first into the waste basket! There he was, butt and tail sticking out! He squeezed around until he was sitting in it, then hopped out.

Have I mentioned he's a stoopid cow cat? Have I mentioned he gets too much attention? Have I mentioned that I didn't want him here in the first place? I WAS HAPPIER ALONE.


  1. Bonnie's new chair is great. Here's my recommended caption: "Honey, where's the remote? And while you're up, can you bring me some catnip?"

  2. we dint want to say, but we wented away for a while and Mama wouldn't let us blog. I know some kitties noticed we were missing. Mama was asking herself too why she was blogging. So she unnerstands. Some people thought cat blogging was nuts, just like your Mama said some people say.

    but it makes her happy, so she let us come back and now she don't care what people say. Kitties are cute, not nuts.

    Just member, some people aren't happy less they are making other peoples upset. The peoples who matter and the kitties who matter love your bloggie and pitchers :O)

    I like that we fluence each other, its like sharing and its fun.

    Spam is icky isn't it?

    Luv Taz n Angel

  3. Thanks, Taz n Angel. Yep, the woman's happy blogging and when people imply it's a little nuts, she says she links to almost 100 others doing the same thing, so if it's nuts, she's in good company. A friend said, "it's not nuts; a little off-center, but not nuts."