Friday, March 17, 2006

Nurse Victor!

My poor Mom and boy has been sick. Last week, Dad brought the boy home early an puts him right to bed, so I snuggled him real good. They stayed home the next day, too, but he felt better mid-day and got up, so we played together. I've been keeping a close watch on him cuz sumtimes he was pretty hot.

Now my boy is better, but Mom stayed home yesterday and today. She was really feeling yucky and needed lots of snuggling. She spent all day either in bed or using the human litter box, an I fink she even had a hairball, but it wasn't like Bonnie's hairballs. She soaked in the baftub twice, so I kept a close watch on her. This morning, she was a little better but I made her stay in bed anyway and now she's ready to help me blog.

VictorFanks to efuryone concerned wif our silence. Mom was finking of you, but her naps were more important. She was just catching up on email and thot it was funny to see a phishing scam sent to me an Bonnie. It was aposed to be from E-Bay, complaining that we haven't paid for the digital camera we ordered. Oh-oh, Mom wasn't aposed to know bout that! Tee hee.

Victor in the WindowBefore she got sick, Mom sent our secrit paws package to... well, somewhere East of us. I fink it will be preciated. She wrote "Happy Spring" for us, but then it snowed and snowed and snowed yesterday. I thot Spring would be more than 1 day.

Last weekend was aciting, some good, some bad. I've forgiven Mom, but I won't forget. It was bootiful outside, so the windows were open. I was a little ascared of the wind and hearing the birds (crows are big!). Then Mom made me wear the kitty har-ness. I don't mind, but I didn't want to. Then...THEN...Oh, Mom, how could you? (paws over eyes) She put a lead on the harness and TOOK ME OUTSIDE! I climbed over her to stay inside, but she kept talking like beans do whenever they do sumting bad to you and she got me outside and closed the door. I huddled behind her and shed. I mewed as loud as I can (which isn't very loud) at the door. She petted me, but I didn't care. SCARY SCARY PLACE! No ceiling! No windows to keep crows away! Too many smells! SCARY! (lick tail for comfort) She had me out there 2 or 3 whole minutes before she opened the door. I dashed into the house and down to the basement, where Dad caught me and Mom took the lead off, but I wiggled away from them an hid behind the big box where the hot air comes from. It's dusty back there cuz no one but me fits, not even Bonnie.

I stayed back there for more than a hour. Mom came and cleaned the litter boxes an talked to me, but I wouldn't come out. I just peeked out at her, then ducked away again. Outside is SCARY!!!! I don't never want to go there again! Mom promised, but I don't know if I can believe it.

So that was the bad acitement.
Victor Cubed Bonnie Cubed
The good acitement was when Mom and the boy got back from shopping. They brought us kitty cubes! 1 fur Bonnie and 1 fur me. I like the danglies and running thru the cubes. Bonnie curled up in hers and didn't want anyone coming close, specially me. They're fun, but Bonnie likes 'em better than I do.

Bonnie and VictorWhat's left to talk about? Oh, I know. When the weather was nice and I wanted to sit in the window, I had to get past Bonnie. She was in the puter chair and I walked on Dad's desk (please don't tell - he doesn't like that). Bonnie was nicer to me! She mighta hissed and growled a little, but she let me go by! See?

The puter desks are kinda messy. That's why I couldn't blog last weekend; I was climbing on Mom's desk and a whole pile a papers slid from under me onto the floor, the chair, and the keyboard. Mom said we couldn't blog until they were filed, not just piled again. I'm sorry Mom. I tried to help with the filing; I sat on the papers in her chair.


  1. Bonnie and Victor: WE GOTTED THE SECRET PAWS PACKAGE. Sorry, we are just so 'acited! We loved efurryfing in the package, and gramma and grampa love their purresents too. Check out our blog and secret paws tomorrow for pikshurs. Thank you so much! - Sammy, Miles, Trixie and Norton

  2. I am glad your humans are all right again. You had a busy time Victor! Outside is not so bad you know, when I came to live with my mum and dad I was not used to outside and I didn't want to go outside when mum encouraged me to try it. But then I got to like it a bit more and then I started asking to go outside sometimes! I still spend 99% of my time inside because I'm only allowed outside when my mum is around to supervise me. I never go out of my garden, I just potter round my pond and eat a bit of grass and lie on the patio and sunbathe, if it is sunny. Not now because it is nasty and cold!

  3. We're so glad Mom and the boy are feelin better! You know how yucky it is when you are sick. Hairballs or no hairballs. I hasn't been outside yet, me is young like Victor. I gets to smell the air at the screen door but I stays away when mommy goes out to feed the birdies. Victor, we can talk more bout your outdoor sperience at the party. There's things I wanna know.

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