Friday, March 17, 2006

The Bad and the Good

I just learned that Mad Moses had to be rehomed, to a warm barn owned by a family friend. We wish him safety and happiness. I'm reminded of a favorite childrens book I read to my son. "Barn Cat" has a beautiful tabby counting things on her farm. She doesn't pounce on any of the crickets, sparrows, or pups, but she's looking for something. A beautiful book for young cat lovers and a fun read.

On the bright side, I also just learned of Finny and Buddy's St. Patrick's Day party. Of course Bonnie and Victor will go, but I told Bonnie to watch the "leaded" drinks. Victor said something about another curtain race. I'll let them bring some Cosmic Catnip and Feline Greenies. Bonnie's eyes are green and I'll put a green bow on Victor's collar, if he'll let me.

Ok, now that you've read this, go down and read about Nurse Victor. He's been a great comfort. Bonnie helped by staying out of the way and not fighting with Victor.

(Geesh, I've miss so much in the blogosphere being sick 2 days, I'd hate to look at my work email)


  1. We's were wondering where you were. Thought maybe you went on vacation and Victor and Bonnie weren't loud to use the puter. Mommy's email at werk gets all blogged up when she's out too. Glad to see efurryone's up and back at it. Happy St. Patty's Day.
    Beau Beau & Angie
    P.S. See you at the party.

  2. Glad your bean are feeling better. We gots a little snow, but it is going away already. I want spring.

    Glad you were such a good nurse kitty.

  3. Mom says she hopes the barn is warm.......but wonders about that.

    We have headed over to the party, looking forward to seeing you there. We missed yesterday, had to house sit..can you believe that??

  4. Hi Bonnie! Thank you for the dance at Finny & Buddy's Burrthday party. You move like an angel.

  5. An Angel? Bonnie?!?! Hee, hee, hee.

  6. Thank you, Bombay *blushes*
    You are a wonderful dance partner. I hope you didn't overdo it at the party. It was a lot of fun.

  7. I did get a little sloshed after you left. Timmy told me I was hiccuping furry much. And I think I may have gotten Beau furry angry when I eavesdropped on him and Ghost. I'll have to explain to him that it was the niptini's fault.

  8. It's always good when having to share some bad news to include some good news. Thanks!

  9. Victor,
    I am very proud of you, nursing your boy. The little guys have to have special care when they are sick, and a nice kitty is the perfect nurse.
    Mom says her cat-who-came-before felt the same way about Outside. The no-ceiling thing was particularly disturbing to her. I sometimes try to sneak out if someone leaves a door open, because I used to live outside. I guess you let your Mom know that you are vetoing the whole idea, huh? Can't say that I blame you. It's better in.
    ~ turtle

  10. Hey Turtle, doesn't V's MOM deserve special care when she's sick too? :-) The boy had another bean at home but she was on her own!
    No, really, Victor was very comforting for me when I felt my worst, and very comforting for Ryan (the boy) when he felt his worst. Victor and I have a bond.