Monday, February 06, 2006

Busy Weekend

It was a weak end again, when Mom and Dad and my boy sleep late and are home lots. Bonnie and I both made the most of it. She even blogged on Dad's laptop on Mom's LAP! Well, the laptop was on Mom's lap, but Bonnie was next to her, touching. Bonnie SNUGGLED!


Did NOT! Mom's legs were on MY blanket. - Bonnie

I got my snuggles with Mom, too. She's not sure about this pictor, but I like it. My boy used the clickie box.

I'm going to be ONE soon! My purrthday is approx March 1. I think approx means it's in the morning, but I'm not sure. I'd ask Bonnie, but she'll just hiss.

I learned bunches of new things this weekend:
  • Mom gots me new tinsel balls
  • Mom puts new cat toys in the cupboards by the cat treats
  • I can open cupboards by myself
  • Tinsel balls come in many colors
  • Moms are sometimes hard to wake up
  • When Mom's asleep, a ball on her face is better than 4 on her feet
  • Going under covers is for snuggling, not wrestling (sorry Mom)
  • People are good for throwing tinsel balls
  • Mom's arms aren't quite long enough to reach alla way unner the couch
  • Cat fish is MUCH better than cat food, even stinky goodness
  • Ham is good too.

I gots to go. It's Mom's bedtime and we hafs to play fetch wif my tinsel ball before I put her to bed. I've set my alarm for 4 again for our special under cover snuggles (I'll try not to sneeze in her face this time).


  1. Cat fish? How can you eat fish made out of cats??

  2. cat fish? is that can-i-ba-lism? i likes to snuggle wif mommy under the covers at 4am too. - Sammy

  3. You are a smart kitty to learn how to open cupboards, Victor. Please post some tips for those of us who have not yet mastered this difficult skill.

  4. Thanks for visitin' us! It sounds like the paw trick worked well for lots of us! Be careful openin' cupboards, Smeagol got stuck inside one once.

  5. Boy, you learned bunches of new stuff.....sounds like crinkle balls am the way to go.......When Mom uses the vacumn monster she finds lotsa toys under the chairs.

  6. Wow! You are one smart kitty!

    Now, you say you can open cupboards yourself...can you elaborate? Brach and I have only a 49% success rate. Most of the time, we just slam the cupboard doors against the foundation repeatedly until my mom starts yelling.

  7. Wow, ONE is gettin all grown up. Good for you! We have a friend whos purrthday is March 1, too. He's a friend of Mommy's and he likes to scritch us and feed us. Those are real purty pictures too.