Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cupboard Robbing

Wow, I gots lots of comments about what I learned last weak end. I think cat fish is like cat treats and cat food, so I don't think it was wrong to eat it but my people don't eat cat treats or cat food before giving it to me. They only let me haf a little offa their plates. If cat fish is fish for cats, why not put it in my dish?

My paw trick for the cupboards is not easy. There are no latches, so if I get my toesies in the crack just right, I can pull it open enough to get my nose in. A little careful wiggling of toes and nose, and they're open. I'll ask Mom to take a pictor... after the paw ID contest. Mom says it helps that something inside the cupboad was sticking out just a little so the door didn't close alla way. I don't know; I got 2 cupboards open.

Since there are no latches, I can't get shut in. Mom found me pulling out packets of kitty treats and catnip. She gave me 1 tinsel ball and put 2 in the cupboard, but while Dad was cooking, somehow I managed to get a tinsel ball from the cupboard. Hee, hee, I'm sneaky.


  1. Mom has two cupboard she calls "kitty cupboards" that we can go into. We both know how to open then, they have no latches. But.....for some reason Mom doesnt want us in the pan drawer or the tupperware drawer or the baking cupboard.......something bout hair in the foods.....what is wrong with that I ask?

  2. No meal is complete without a little cat hair!
    My M&D are like that too - can't go in pots & pans, refrigerator, tupperware, dishwasher, under sink, or even the spinning cupboard where the boy keeps his snacks. Not fair!

  3. cupboards are fun, i go in ours all the time. sometimes i find really good stuff!

  4. Mama doesn't let us in cupboards. I likes the one under the sink, but she says no 'cos it's full of bleach and detergents and stuff.....what's bleach? Is it good to eat?

    Charlie doesn't do cupboards - he's stoopid.....


  5. Excellent work, Victor. Persistence pays off once again!

  6. Our mom doesn't care if we get into the lower cupboards--she is used to re-washing the pots and pans before she uses them (which is rare, by the way, since she can't cook well at all).

    I think she just getted aggravated when we slam the doors repeatedly while we try to get in. One night, after I slammed them for several minutes, she walked into the kitchen, whipped the cupboard door open and said, "THERE! Go in! You wanted it so badly...what are you waiting for?!" I just looked at her, turned around, and walked out of the kitchen.

    Don't patronize me, woman!

  7. Victor you are a smart little fellow for being only one.

  8. You are really smart! Perhaps you can put an instructional video together for us, so we can learn that trick too. Oh Mum just said it won't work here as she has put child locks on all the cupboard doors here. Darn!

  9. Edsel, I agrees.
    Pandora, keep trying. Can you sit next to the cupboard and don't let it close?
    Crew, SS&S, thanks! I try.
    Kukka-Maria, Bonnie says it's not which side of the door you're on, it's getting to choose for yourself.
    Oscar, you needs to get a child to open the child locks, right? Oh, and don't use your sore paw if you tries the paw trick!

  10. Ooooo, weeeeeeee....thanks for the tips on the cupboards. We are gonna try it tonight when mom goes to bed. She will not know what we are up to!

    The Whippy Curly Tails in thel Toasty South!