Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I Treed a Mouse!

I love to toss my mouseys in the air and bat them, so I never know where they will land. Sometimes, I know where one is, but I can't get to it. Bonnie says sometimes it's not naughty to do something wrong for the right reason, like when she chased a ladybug (right) on to the dinner table (wrong). So, when my mousey landed in the new tree and the people wouldn't get it, I had to get it myself. I grabbed that branch and shook it until my mousey came down. The woman was saying, "No, Victor, stop that," but after my mousey appeared, she said, "Oh, alright." She's nice. She even let my mousey dry off after I dropped it in the water. - Victor


  1. HAHAHA Sounds like fun. Can I come play too???

  2. Hi Victor,

    I'm Derby and my mum says we live in the same state. I see my buddy Oreo has visted your site already. Welcome to the gang.

    Lets go Badger cats.!

  3. Hi Bonnie & Victor,

    I found you through Derby. Welcome, and happy new year!

  4. Hi Bonnie and Victor!
    I found you through Derby too and I'm glad to meet more blogging cat friends. :) It sounds like you had a good time with the mousey, Victor. Nice of your Mom to dry it off for you. I keep mosta my toys in the living room so they don't get wet. Maybe you should try that?

  5. Me too! I found you through Derby, welcome lots!!!

  6. Hi, everyone, and Happy Mew Year. Thanks for visiting our site. The woman has more pictures of us, but I need to ask her again nicely to post them, or Bonnie will order her to do it! Boni, we have a pet fountain right where the living room meets the kitchen, and that's how my mousey landed in the water. Also, I *love* playing in the kitchen because I can skid out on the vinyl. Wheee! -Victor

  7. Hi Bonnie and Victor,

    You should see me chase those vile mousies. I posted a video shwoign me stalking my two favourite things, fuzzy mice and my Dad's shoes.