Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy Mew Year!

The woman has pictors of us, but hasn't let us post them yet. She's hogging the 'puter and the man's been hogging the laptop. -Bonnie & Victor


  1. Pictures! We want more pictures! hehehe
    Your pet fountain sounds neat, Victor. I need to tell Mom to get us one.

  2. Yeah, more pictures please. We need to see you better.

    Plus mum say Victor is from her part of the state. She lived in Portage County for a long time as a little girl.

  3. Our Mom would never let us get a fountain. She says we make enough mess with a regular water bowl.

  4. Hi, everyfuzzy. I'm responsible for the pet fountain. I insist on drinking running water but my people wouldn't leave the bathroom taps on for me. I use my sponge paw to drink, but Victor puts his face right into the water. At least he knows about sinks! Much better than a bowl.

    Victor's from Marathon County, but I came from Baraboo. My people grew up someplace called El Lay, where it didn't snow. I'm glad they moved so they could find me. - Bonnie