Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Travelin' Tabby Tuesday

Hey efurryone! Fursday starts the Hams of the Werld Tour 2009. We is all teleportin to Auntie Deb’s howse an then we is takin the WIENER MOBILE to Smith-fields ham place an chowin down!!! (Nom nom!) Then we will all climb back in the wiener mobile an go to where Mr Hendrix lives and take a sight seeing tour of “Porkopolis” on Friday! Then back in the wiener mobile to get to Skittles’ house on Monday for yoga an a ham fest! Tuesday it’s off to London an the Smith-field meat market an a visit to our furriends that lif across the pond!
Smile for Your Dog

Me an Miles Meezer will be your tour guides. Der will be an opportunaty to purchase a handmade nip ham to raise money for sick and financially strapped kitties. We hopes to raise lotsa green papers! An we hopes to haf a LOT of kitties an woofies an buns on the tour wif us!!!
If you don't amember how to teleport, der's insturkshuns at the Cat Blogosphere. 

PS We'll be awardin da Q Tail prize in Monty Q's Doin the Q contest any day now... when Mom gets ofur this case of da bizzies!


  1. oh, we's gonna try t'be there!! if'n you hasta leaf wifout us, we'll catchup!

  2. The Weiner Mobile!! Yay!

    I read up on the teleporting instructions so I'm ready to go! Looking forward to some ham with nip sprinkled on top.

  3. Boy, y'all are having some fun. Just dropped by to say hello to my new friends. Thanks for visiting with me!

  4. i gotta go read the teleport instructions. Ham!!!!!

  5. Zippy is so happy she is actually sobbing and saying "hams, I loves ham"! We can't wait...

  6. You have cars made out of food stuffs? We want to come and live with you.