Thursday, September 18, 2008

Arrr! Tis Meow like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy, me hearties! I've been sailing through some rough waters this here day. All I wants is to nab fortywinks.
Beggin' yur pardon?
Victor, what are you doing?
What's it ye be wantin' lassie?
Are you still squinting?
Take off the eye patch... Now let me see your eyes.
It's like th' sky is raining gold doubloons!
You ARE squinting!
Ye're an itch in me ear, wench.
Oh, Victor! The infection is in the other eye now, isn't it!
Spare me! Arr! Belay what!
::sigh:: How be ye doing? Ye're a fright, wharf rat.
Sheath yer weapon! Arrr! Know ye where a buccaneer may drop anchor for a time?
On me lead, we shall press gang yon landlubber to fix ye up.
I'll not visit the sawbones again!
Oh yes you will!
Aye, I yield, me matey.

Explanation: Victor's right eye was almost all better when the infection spread to his left eye. And he's getting more difficult to medicate. Back to the vet this weekend! Arrrrrgh.


  1. Arrrg! Not da V-E-T!!! That's werse than scrubbin' da poop deck! Git well soon!

  2. An' I say "Arrrg!" as well. Ye must be right sick o' the sight of that sawbones by now. I raise me cup o' rum and wish ye good health, me bucko.

  3. Garrrr not the sawbones again. A patch on each eye could lead to trouble arrrrr.

  4. Avast and Ahoy from Gurglin' Marilyn Jones!
    Victor - You have to go back to the sawbones?

  5. Be careful on the high seas and maybe you need to make the sawbones walk the plank!!!!

  6. Arrrg, please get better soon Victor!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. Aye aye matey (no pun intended)... we is wondering if you must wear an eye patch, or two? Let's make Nina walk da plank!

  8. Oh no! We want Victor to finally get rid of that NASTY infection. We will purr over time!
    I hope you still have a great pirate day!
    Karl and Ruis dressed up at their blog - but we are still doing the Dare...
    Mrs. OZ and Tintin

  9. Arrr! Not the sawbones?!?!?!

    Avast and away, me matey!

  10. oh Victor, not another v-e-t visit!!! ME'YARRRRGGGG

  11. Arrrrg, agin wif da sawbones...We be purring fur ye matey. Best be lettin' da mom wench put da salve in yer eye, purrchance a spot 'o nip af'erwerds would help.

  12. Ahoy me hearties!

    I'm sorry to hear about another vet visit in the works!

  13. vic ... ar u ok?
    jus wanna let u know dat i wuzzen't able to approov da adz an dat wuz da trubble i wuz havin wid entrecard. i red yer comment at skeez'z blog.
    i wuz verree grateful dat u bot a ad.
    luv--yer grate frend--jh