Thursday, May 10, 2007


We's been tagged for the 7 fings meme by Monty Q Kat, Chase, and Marie the Defender! Ladies first, or efun Bonnie.

I heard that. You didn't even explain the meme. Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

  1. I have my own, Victor-free blog, but my woman insists it's easier to maintain one blog for both of us. At least I can post and comment as myself. She used Victor's for a post about the firstest cat and might use mine for a post about the cat before me.
  2. I like to lie with my paws stretched out in front of me, crossed properly. I AM a lady, after all. My other favorite is to lie on a file box, chair back, or the half-wall, dangling my front paws. They call this gargoyling or even girlgoyling.

    Tabby Gargoyle
  3. As a kitten, I was a terror. I would jump 3-4 feet into the air to catch wiggling fingers and I'd attack anything that moved, even sleeping feet under the covers.
  4. I used to leap after crinkle balls, twisting in mid-air to catch or bat them. I'm too mature for that sort of activity now. They say I also fetched, but I don't remember that.
  5. I once tried to catch the ceiling fan. It's above the stairs from the door to the main level, so when I saw it moving, I tried to jump from a half-wall on the main level to the fan. The woman saw me on the wall watching the fan, warned me not to jump, then heard the whump of a cat landing and saw me trot up the stairs from below the fan. It was only half a story, so I just shook my head and never tried that again.
  6. When my man first hung pots and pans up in the kitchen, I was afraid they would fall... on me. Considering he's not very handy, it was a valid concern. I watched them carefully and passed beneath them cautiously.
  7. When whapping, I almost always start with my left paw. I use the 1-2-3 Magic technique I learned from my people... first warning is a one. Then another warning, and if you still don't stop, I'll get to three and WHAP.
I'm Warning You!
You take it from here, Victor.

  1. Mom wonders about my kittenhood cuz I dopted her when I was 8 monfs old. I thot any food prep was cat food prep an I should help. I also don't jump much when playin - not at all like Bonnie at my age! But I's also reely well socialized, so I didn't grow up in a cage.
  2. I always sit between Mom an Dad's chairs at dinnertime. I push my nose in by Mom's elbow to amind her to share. This is better than when I thot I should just jump up an take what I wanted.
    I Smell Food!

  3. I reelly did teach Mom my spinnin fur treats. When I was "begging", I would turn round in a circle, so Mom putted it togetfur wif handouts. I's also learnin to sit an give her a paw, an the boy wants me to learn to flop on command.
  4. I amost always haf my tail curled tight ofur my back when I's standin. We fink it's just a habit, not sumfing broked. It keeps it frum gettin stepped on!
  5. I drop mine toys into the dishes... a lot. They gets hungry!
    Care and Feeding of Cat Toys
  6. When I first camed home, I didn meow hardly at all, but I'd mew or make silent meows. I also sing my way to the litterbox an back. Mom finks I'm saying, "I'm going to the litterbox now... I'll be down here if you need me... I've used the box... Here I am, I'm a good boy." Now I meow a lot more, includin answerin questions.
  7. My chief goal in life, asides bein furiends wif Bonnie, is to climb into Dad's lunch bag.
Do we hafta tag seven furiends? Or efun fourteen?
Only seven. I wouldn't want to tax your brain counting to fourteen.
  1. Ayla the Grump
  2. Sophia, the Diva Kitty
  3. Cosmo
  4. Faz
  5. Gemini
  6. Aloysius of Catymology
  7. and... and... ANYCAT else who wants to play!


  1. Oh thank you furry much for tagging me. I will have to think about what I want to say! I doubt there is many cats left who haven't been tagged though!

  2. Oh, yoo guys is furry intristing. I'm wif yoo Victor, I'z trying to get Zippy to be my frend. Maybe sumday...

  3. Bonnie has a furry good whapping technique! Victor is a bag boy (hehehehe)!

  4. I am having so much fun learning more about everyone! Bonnie, your whapping technique sounds wonderful! You have that down to a fine art. Victor, I also like to meow when I'm using the litterbox.

  5. I enjoyed learning about both of you. Bonnie, your famous whap technique is perfect. Victor, I love your spinning for treats and the polite way you remind your Mom to share her dinner.

  6. Thanks for Tagging me guys - I'm on it this PM. Purr FAZ

  7. Wow you both are so interesting. Now I know what that pose is called when your legs hang over the edge of something, gargoling. Samantha got tagged, too. Thanks for checking out my comic strip. I'm thinking of making an alternate ending where the bird gets it. I need some feathers. I'll have to put a tag "no animals were harmed in the making of this comic strip" , so PITA doesn't come after my Mom.
    High 5 paw,

  8. Wow Victor, I keep my tail up and curled too! I wish I could spin like you, you are very talented!


  9. Thanks for the tag. I'll get my human to post my 7 things after I finish supervising the gardening; we're planting lots of flowers today.

  10. Hurrow Victor, I fink it is soooo adorable that you sit between your beans and push against your Mom's elbow fur more food. And my Foster Mommy laffed so hard at the pikshurs of your toys eating out of your bowls. You are so kind to feed them, Victor.

    My sweetest Bonnie, I adore the way you sit wif your paws crossed in furront of you. It is so ladylike and your signature style. I also lurve the gargoyling! I must try that myself. But my sense of balance is so poor, I fink I will purrbably end up gargoyling on the floor.


  11. What fun to learn so much about everycat! Bonnie, you are so ladylike. Victor, I love your spins.

  12. Bonnie, I love your 1-2-3 Magic technique. It sounds like it would be very effective. Girlgoyling makes me giggle.

    Victor, I really like the picture of you sitting at the table with your mom. It's very polite. I should try that instead of just sticking my face or feet into Momma's dinner. Hmmm.


  13. I loved both of your lists. Bonnie, my biological sister was a stunt girl, too! You and her would be friends. You'd also probaby want to climb Mr Everest and Mommy would not have let Mimi do such a thing.

    Victor my friend, you are so cool!
    Boy cats rock!

  14. Dear Bonnie and Victor. WE loved your 7 things about each of you. we know more about you now and we love you even more!!

  15. I am having so much fun learning more about everyone! Thanks

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  16. Look at my meme!

    __.•:*¨`*:•. .•:*¨`*:•.
    --:::------- /\\,/\\------:::
    --*:-------(= ';'=)------:*
    ----•..,.,.. (")_("),,..• *

  17. Those are great lists, Bonnie and Victor! We loved getting to know you better. You are very unique kitties for sure. We have a lot to learn from you re: how you train your beans.
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  18. Very interesting lists, you two. I still have to make mine.

  19. That is so cool to learn all about you both!!

    Victor, I love to climb into bags too. I will try any bag, even if it looks too small. It's AMAZING what I can fit into!

    Bonnie, can you please teach me how to get to the ceiling fan. Please????

  20. Those are berry good fings!

    I likes to jump at the sealing fan in the bedroom and I can reach it acause its dust ober the bed. When Mama and Daddy brotted me home from the pet place, I always jumped on the bed. I has always fetched too and now Mama plays volleyball wiff me wiff my mousies and stuff and I can catch them mid-air!

    Oh yeah, and Angel sings coming back from the litter box too. She always has to tell the hole household that she done a poopy, but tween you and me, she don't have to tell, you can smells it a mile away


  21. it's so mucn fun learning about our friends!

    One of us drops toys in the water dish but we aren't telling who!
    (Probably not the same kitty that yaks in the food dish!)

  22. We liked learning new fings about bofe of yoo.Eric duzn't sing when he's been in the litterbox, but he gallops out of it at 100 miles an hour, probly to git away furrom the stink.

  23. excellent '7 random things...'

    i'm so glad you've learned to use '1, 2, 3 magic', bonnie! do you have a paw of death?

    ben2 (and ben1 in fact) talks when he uses the box, too. i, being the more refined type, use the box quietly and without comment.


  24. Love Bonnie's whapping technique! That was a great random 7 from both of you!

  25. We luved yur 7 fings an' 7 fings. Bonnie am a lot like me. Or me like her acuz I'm littler.

  26. I luffed lerning more abowt you! You guys are purrty funny.

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