Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mofur's Day!!!

First, I gots to say Happy Mofur's Day to all the moms out there, whefur yur kids have 2 legs or 4 or none or many! I asked mine mom to Zoom Groom me (cuz we bof luvs it) an gaf her a headbutt. Then I helped my bean boy gif her earrings he maded himself! He left one on the floor an when Dad asked what I had, Mom came an I dropped it rite in her hand!

Bonnie's bein nicer to alla beans an efun me, an that's a grate gift. Also, Mom finks Bonnie's fur is softer than it useda was, an the only explanation is that Wellness changed their formula an Mom mixed the new kind in wif the old kind. So maybe the new kinda Wellness is better fur Bonnie! ::spin::

Mom gotted a new noisy box fur her monster wif wheels (car stereo) cuz the old one was only purrin in aye-em, not eff-em. What's eff-em? Wul, anyway, the new one's from a company named fur me! Victor Company of Japan (JVC) ::spin:: That's gotta be the rite one. Mom says the car is 10 years old (same as Bonnie) an she wants to keep it a cuppul more years, but she can't lif wifout the noisy box playin effem. It also plays seedies. I wonder if they're catnip seedies?

Ok, we saw this fun fing at, hmmm Dragonheart's blog first. So we gots to try it! You can try it too at Blogthings.
What Victor Means

V is for Valentine

I is for Ice Cream Sandwich

C is for Cupcake

T is for Tator Tot

O is for Overnight Friend

R is for Rabbit

Hehehe! I like ice cream, but I nefur tried a cupcake or tator tot. As fur bein an ofurnite furiend, I always sleep wif Mom an Dad. An Mom says my fur is as soft as a bunny's fur. An bunnies is rabbits! Cool!

Let's see bout Bonnie... Oh, I better not tell her...
What Bonnie Means

B is for Baby

O is for Overnight Friend

N is for Nookie

N is for Nut Butter

I is for Itchy Lips

E is for Enchantment

Hey, "Itchy Lips"! I gots sumfin to show you!


  1. Hi Victor. Thank you for coming to visit my blog today. It sounds like Bonnie is more like me and you are an Onyx type cat! Uh oh! I used to scream bloody murder when Onyx jumped on me all the time. I hope you are nicer to Bonnie. Do you go outside? Madison is a very pretty place.

  2. Oh, Victor and Bonnie, I hope your Mom has a wonderful Mother's Day. That is so good that you helped your beanboy give your Mom one of the earrings. And being nicer is a very wonderful gift, too!

  3. Happy Mommy's day to yoor mom. We won't eat da Wellness food, only I eat it and I'll eat anyfing. We're trying some Felidae now. It seems to be okay...

  4. Happy Mother's Day to your Mommy, Victor and Bonnie. The name thingie is fun. We'd like to try some nut butter, we think.
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  5. Happy Mom's Day to the beanmom. Hope you had a nice day.

  6. Hello Victor and Bonnie: Thanks for reading our poem. Happy Mother's Day to your Mom. You are so nice Victor to help with the gift. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Samantha & Tigger

  7. Happy Mother's Day! Purrs and Scritches

  8. Happy Mother's Day to your Mom. You were very nice to bring the earring to her, Victor. I'm glad to hear that Bonnie is being nicer to everyone.

  9. happy mother's day to your mom, victor!

    i bet when you gave your mom the earring, she thought it was a wonderful part of her day!


  10. It sounds like it was a wonderful Mother's Day!

  11. Happy Mommy's day to your sweet Mommy!

    Itchy lips - that's funny!

  12. Victor you sure am one smart boy giving yur Mom her earring. Tell her Happy Mother's Day from us.
    Yur right too bout not telling Bonnie about da itchy lips. I don't fink she would like dat.

  13. Oh Victor, you are furry sweet to pick up your Mom's lost earring and hand it ofur to her purrsonally. Can you post some pikshurs of the earrings? I bet they must be furry purrty.

    Sweetest Bonnie, I thot you cud nefur be more beeoooteeful than you already are. Wif your fur efen softer and silkier now, you must be e-ree-zees-tible!

    Will more nosekisses help wif the itchy lips??? ::nosekisses nosekisses nosekisses::


  14. Haha, Bonnie's does kind of suit her, she's one girl full of catitude! I hope your mom likes her new music thing, those humans like to listen to things.


  15. Hey Itchy lips and Tater Tot.
    We hope you had a great Mother's Day

    and happy Monday too <3

  16. Happy Mother's day to your Mom cat Victor and Bonnie! It was great of you to give her a headbutt!

  17. Happy 'lated Mommy's day to yore Mommy! Mommy sez that the Victor Company of Japan sounds like a good one for a noisy box for yore Mommy's monster wif wheels. I finks eff-em is somefin to do wif music that makes Mommies happy insteada aye-em that has music that makes Mommies go ARGH. Let us know what kindsa seedies if it's catnip.

    Mini and Gree aren't as grumpy now that they's eatin this organic foods. They sumtimes don't efun hiss at each ofur. Maybe the old kindsa food reely weren't so good for them and Bonnie anyways? I'd be grumpy alla the time too if it maded my tummy icky.


  18. Hi Victor and Bonnie, hope your Mom had a great Mother's day. My Mom got taken to her favorite mexican restaurant so she was really happy about that and it made her day great. Really liked getting to know you better in the tagging post. Mom thought the picture of you sitting next to your Mom at the dinner table was really cute. Patches sits next to Mom anytime Mom eats. Breakfast and dinner. Sometimes I sit next to Dad or on the floor waiting for some goodies to come my way. Bet your Mom really liked her earrings that the beanboy and you gave her for Mother's day.


  19. Hey don't make fun of Bonnie. At least she's not named after a potato Mr. Tater Tot.

  20. Hi Bonnie and Victor, I like this name thing - funnily enough I did a blog about names today as well. FAZ
    p.s. our gardener is called Victor, he is very nice and always rubs my belly when he comes to do the garden

  21. The name game looks fun! I'm gonna try it.

    Skittles, The Huntress

  22. What is a zoom groom? It sounds very interesting.

  23. Happy Belated Mom's Day to your Mom!

    Luf, Us

  24. What Luna Means

    L is for Lollipop

    U is for Ugly Bumper

    N is for Number One

    A is for Angel