Monday, May 28, 2007

Mancat Monday

Happy Memorial Day! Mine beans went to some railroad friends' howse fur a pick-Nick, but insteada pickin Nick, Mom took pics of Gunther! Doesn't he look like me an Beau Beau?
You called?
Gunther was excited by alla bisitors an went in an outa the howse lotsa times. This is him's mom, Kathy. She don't let him asplore too far outside. Look it those smiles!
Kathy and Gunther
Gunther is 8 years old an has asthma. Alla the excitement of bisitors made him sneeze a lot, but it didn't stop him frum climbin this tree!
Gunther Climbs Trees
He's also Chief Inspector on the Cat Mountain Railroad. Here he is checkin on the steamer. It blowed its whistle at him cuz he didn't cross the tracks safely.
Cat Mountain Railroad

We is glad Gunther has such a grate home an can asplore outside an was there to snoopervise the pick-Nick. I didn't efun mind Mom comin home wif hims furs on her. He's so furry friendly, he rubbed on efurryone.


  1. Gunther is very handsome. I think he should look both ways before crossing the railroad tracks!

  2. What a cutie pie-kitty! Purrs! AND CHOO-CHOO!

  3. He duz look like yoo! Did he Achoo on da choo-choo. I crack me up! okay, it was a bad pun but der reely aren't any good puns...~Speedy

  4. Gunther does look like that sweet cutie Beau Beau! Wow I bet they are cousins.


  5. I read this post but then I scrolled down....MEEERRROOOWW!!! Bonnie you are SUCH a looker. You make me want to roll over on my back and curl up my paws.


  6. Ohohoh! I used to love climbing trees when I was on my own in the great outdoors. Wish my mom had a big backyard and trains to watch and trees to climb. We had to stay in the bedroom during most of the picnic then at the end got to come out into the house and visit with people.

  7. Victor, Gunther looks like a big handsome cat!

  8. Gunther sure is a cutie - just like you and Beau Beau! I'd love to get my paws on that train stuff. I wanna pounce it!

  9. Gunther does look a lot like you and Beau Beau. I'm glad his asthma doesn't keep him from climbing trees.

  10. Wooow He looks like a big handsome cat!
    Very nice pics!
    Look at my video!

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  11. Gunther sure is a manly man-cat! Its nice that he had such a good time at the pick-nick. Did the beans bring you back some treats? Does he have a blog?

  12. Gunther is furry handsome and did a splendid job of climbing the tree! Just another wonderful example of how we don't let things like having athsma get in our way!

  13. Gunther does look like you guys. He also seems to be very good at snoopervising.

    Titus, Tazo, & EG

  14. What a great adventure
    That train is really cool!
    Guther is really a good looking boy! He does look a lot like you


  15. Gunther really is quite handsome!

  16. Gunther is furry handsome and climbing trees is furry mancatly.

  17. Gosh Victor, Gunther looks exactly like you! Well, they say everyone has a twin....


  18. Gosh, Gunther does look a lot like you. He's a mighty handsome Man Cat cause he looks like you. Mom especially likes the picture of him by the train. And I liked the bad pun made by zippy, sadie, and speedy. So glad he gets to go outside even though he has asthma. To bad you didn't get to go with your humans to the picnic.