Thursday, July 15, 2010

Midsummer Update

Oh, Victor, have you noticed anything new?

Ya, what's dis? ::sniff, sniff, SNIFF::
Sniff sniff SNIFFFFF

Oh, but Victor, somethings... different.

Lookit dis! What kinda bird is dat from?
Oh, that's an interesting feather! ::sniff, sniff::
What a BIG Feather!

I don't fink I's efur seen a bird dat big!
Oh, remember, Victor? Mom saw turkeys in the park!
Arboretum Tom
Nah, I haded a turkey fever afore. Dis smells diffrent!

Oh, I smell water... is it from a duck?
I fink it's too long fur a duck.
Call me Duck... Mallard Duck

Oh, what's that bigger bird... like a duck but tall and noisy? Mom saw them in the park, too. 
You mean goose? Dere mite be a few of dem round here.

Hey - Where's the rest of the bird?
So, where's the rest of the bird?


  1. Yup, we think your Mom should have brought you the WHOLE goosie!

  2. Nina, you don't want the whole goose! They come from around here and they are BIG and MEAN! Bigger than us! And they'll bite your ears off! But the fev-vers are awesome!

  3. We agree with "goose". We had one of them on the front lawn and it left a feather that looked JUST LIKE THAT!

  4. Hehehehehehehehehehe!! That is one big feather for sure!! Looks like it will be fun to play with!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  5. I'll bet the feather smells delicious and goose-y!

  6. You might not want a whole goose--you'd be in over your head! But the feathers are great to play with!

  7. Yeah, what is with that, bringing home a feather and not the whole bird? You human was NOT thinking!

  8. That fev-ver looks like lots of fun. You hafta be careful with the whole goose cuz they hiss and honk at you.

  9. Duck, duck, goose! She shoulda brawt da birdy home so yoo could haf a new fever when effur yoo need it.

  10. You sure don't want a goose-y. It might hurt you. They are very big birds. Hope you have a great day. We love the fevvver.

  11. We don't know what kind of feather it is but we bet it is a ton of fun to play with!!

  12. Life can be so unfair at should have the whole bird and not just a teaser!!!!!!

  13. EXcellent Question Nina.
    What fun is a feather anyway, just sniff sniff and that is it. *yawn*

    have a cool bonkie day

  14. Hi Victor and Nina, thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday to say hello. You two are beautiful kitties.

    I noticed that your sister cat was called Bonnie Underfoot. When I was little we had a cat with enormous feet that we called Tiptoes and my dad nicknamed him Underfoot!

  15. One goose feather, not the whole bird, sounds just purrfect to us! Cute and colorful photo of Nina Torbie in the basket, too! She looks very pleased with herself!