Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Nine Nine Oh Nine Equals CAT DAY

Mom says today is 9-9-09 an therefur, CAT DAY... no matter what sum ofurs mite say. Where would da interwebs be wifout cats? Ofurrun wif mousies I bet!

Wow, what a toor we had! I nefur eated so much ham, pork, bacon an ham in my life! An what grate transpurrtashun! First da weiner mobile an then the TARDIS?! All I can say is WOW. An I wanna fank da Meezers fur hostin da toor pics on thems bloggy. They'll haf sum candid toor pictors tomorrow.

Mom's bin busy playin wif string an her toy-makin machine. She says she's mass producin catnip piggies, but all I see is pink felt, string, an squiggles.
Piggy Production

I don't really care what she's doin until she stuffs them wif CATNIP! Then I help. Piggy produckshun almost came to halt Munday nite when all sudden-like, Mom's machine would only so in reverse! She's goin back an forth lots, so dis could be a prolem. Then Nina suggested turnin all da dials an switches an shtuff, an it popped back into forward. Whew, dat coulda been bad.

She says dese is early "proton-types for testin her pattern idears". The final piggies is rounder an better, kinda like da upper leftest one wif legs like da upper rite. Whatefur, as long as they gots CATNIP!

Nina didn't like da first one Mom made... we couldn't tell if it were a mousie or a ham or what. Disapprovin kitteh disapproves!
You Call THAT a Mousie?

We's also bin bizzy helpin Monty Q wif him's Doing the Q contest! We is sendin a brand new Fling-am-a-String to the winner of da Curly Q tail CATegory. But I can't say who wins until Monty posts it! So it's a seecrit fur a little longer.

As if dat's not enuf fun (an pictors), Skittles asked if anyone could pronounce da name of hers Catifornia town, Port Hueneme! Mom an I knowed that - Why Knee Mee. Skittles said she'd send us a purrize, an yesterday it camed!
For Me?

I always noes when da mail is fur ME.
Thanks, Skittles!

Mousies, a fev-ver toy and TEMPTATIONS?!?! Fanks, Skittles!
Will He Share?

Shmaybe I'll share wif Nina... shmaybe.

I fink I's gonna sleep fur a week wif all this ham an fun an ham an fev-vers an ham!
Happy Sleepy


  1. Ah those look like great little catnip piggies. I hope the Woman gets me one...

  2. Busy busy at your house! The hams look cute, we can't wait to get ours. We had a great time on the Tour!

    You look so adorable in that last photo!! Snorgle, snorgle...

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  3. We like the look of your mum's catnip piggies!

  4. Congrats on the prize.

    Crystal & Buddy are sleeping off their trip too. Should be exercising off all those extra calories instead.

  5. Wow, we're sorry we missed the ham tore, we'll haf to go on the nekst one 'cos there's a piggy plase neer heer that wood be grate.

    How do we get some of those catnip piggies?? Are they for a shelter or somefing?

    Finny Buddy & Jasmine

  6. The little piggies are so cute! Especially the curly tails!

    ps: My word verification is "hoged"!

  7. Nice disapproving look, Nina!

  8. Those catnip piggies are purrty cute! Can we send you some money for a couple, rather than using Paypal? Let us know at juniorbabeeAThotmailDOTcom.

  9. And did you see the quilt we are raffling off to help needy kitties? Check it out!

  10. Wow! It sure is busy there... Ham Tour, prezzies, treats...

  11. We know just how you feel Victor. All that ham has worn us out too.
    Those nip piggies are cute.

  12. Hai Victor! Hai Nina!
    I checked the Curly Q contest page and saw that the winner had been annouced. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is ever so cool - I'm very honoured. Thank you for sponsoring this cool special category.
    Strutting around with tail curled in pride, Siena

    P.S.: Those piggies would have won the contest, I'm glad they weren't ready to enter it.

  13. Y'all are funny...

  14. We loved the tour, but we're a bit hammed out too. Mom ordered ham nip toys and we can't wait to see them!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  15. Oh my doogness grashus me, yuo hav bin so bizzy sins owr larst vizit! Them catnip hams luk oresum. We wonts sum! :)xxx

  16. P.S. Dat woz me, Alfie, speecking on beharf of tha Caramel Cats! Obveeowsly it wozzent tha Noo Mummy coz she carn't spel propper liek wot I can, hee hee!

  17. Victor you look extra sweet today. The pigs look great.

  18. Wow, your Mom has been quite busy! Those piggies are awesome. Victor you look catnip content=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  19. It was a good tour, maybe we can do it again next year!.

    Great haul from Skittles, toys and treats. Nap well.

  20. Oh hai - have new blog ( about basic needs for Kittehs (and goggies), some of moar expensiv fings you can buy (ideas for health and wellbeing), plastic food bowl perils, puppy mills and adoption, plus needs of hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. No paid 'advertorials':) Would love blogroll link exchange if Victor and torbie approve :) N. De Bloom,

  21. yay! i got the video on the page. thanks for your help!
    it is fun being grumpy. you should try it sometimes. you get your way alot!

  22. Those catnip piggies sure look fat! Just right for licking!

  23. Wow, it looks like you have been busy at your house - and having fun too!

  24. Oh Boy Victor you sure do look restful after eating and playing with you gifts. Looks like you have a lot of pink piggies at your place. So glad your Mom's sewing maching started sewing forward again. Have a great nap Victor.


  25. Those little piggies are super cute!!