Tuesday, November 25, 2008


V: O we's so hopin fur Fanksgivin hammmmmmm again!
N: What's Fanksgiving?
It's when the beans stay home 4 days in a row an make tons of yummy food like turkey or hamm an set the table nice an haf a big meal wif lots of yummies to share wif us.
What if they don't share?
If they don't share, just pull on the table cloth.
But Victor, they're putting their fur in bags again.
O noes! No no no!
They's goin away fur Fanksgivin! They's eatin sumwhere else! NO HANDOUTS FUR US!
No hamm? But also no eye goop... that's a plus.
Maybe we can have our furiends over to play.
True... We can has our own Fanksgivin!
Sure! The beans will never know.
I's fankful yur here, Nina. You're the best sisfur.
I's thankful to be here! You're the best brofur.

This jsut in! Iz dat Victor in disguys?
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  1. We'll come over Victor and Nina! Our momma has a few cans of turkey stinky goodness. I don't think that she'll miss them!

    Carmela and Moe

  2. You can come over and have dinner with us! We'll have lots of food and treats and toys out to play with and blankies out to snuggle and snooze on.

  3. Oh, man. Come over here-MomBean bought a beast of a bird!

  4. We don't haf Fanksgiving in the UK so we'll come over with a sackload of mousies.

  5. Yall can come ofur and share some of our turkey n hams. WE gots lots I saw them in the cold box last night.

  6. oh NOES!! it's not fair when the beans go away on a food holiday

  7. Thanks so much for the kind words for Caddy Caddy! She is missed very much!
    ~The Creek Cats and Maggie May~

  8. Oooo both of yoo can come ofur to our howze we is gonna half a big gobbler and oinker...we'll gladly share wif yoo.


  9. Very funny picture ...
    Sorry your beans will be gone for Thanksgiving, but I'm sure they'll bring you some handouts.

  10. I too am being abandonned for the day, at least you two have each other, and that is very Thankful.

  11. You're welcome at my house, we have a HUGE turkey that I would share!!!

  12. You can come here. We have turkey but the turkey the Woman bought is going to be way more than they can eat!

  13. I'll share some of our turkey with you! And some gravy, too! We're not have HAM for Thanksgiving, we're havin' turkey, but I hear we're havin HAM for Christmas! W00t!

  14. I'll bet your mom and dad will bring home something yummy for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Well I hope they bring you 2 some leftovers home! Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same if you didn't get any ham!

  16. You can come eat turkey with us! Mom sez there's plenty!!

  17. Hmmm, Tday party at your house!

  18. OH man you think they could at least haves had an early one.. I mean it's not like you guyz is part of the families or anything...
    Travel safe Momma and Dadda of Vic a Nin! :)


  19. Don't feel bad. My people are goin' out to eat on Thanksgiving instead of cooking for me like they should. Worse, they're gonna see the Younger Human and I won't get to! I bet they don't even bring home any turkey. The turkies.

  20. Ooh just look at that Ham! I'd be very thankful for that... Then again I'd have been very thankful if Mummy'd have forgotten to take me for my shots too! ;)

  21. We haf some leftover ham in da fridge...should we bring dat along? We can't beleeve yoor beans is abandoning yoo on Thanksgiving. We'll come over and bring da ham and some turkey den later maybe yoo can come here fur some lap sitting. Der will be 8 laps available so no waiting.

  22. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
    No handouts for us either - the staff is vegetarian!!!
    So we went over to Sassy's - she has Turkey for all!
    Mrs. OZ, Tintin, Naughty, Luna, Ruis and Karl

  23. Yay for best brothers! Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. May everyone stay healthy and happy always.


  25. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Mericky friends!

  26. Happy Thanksgiving Victor, Nina and beans.

  27. Happy Thanksgiving... we adorez our frendz!!!
    Love, Dr Tweety & da Fab Five
    PS: Stops by fur some tur-key

  28. Come over to our house for turkey!

    Happy Fangs-giving! Gobble, gobble, gobble ... 'urp!
    DMM and the Feline Americans

  29. Have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

    Skittles, The Huntress

  30. Oh no! I cant beleive your beans are leaving you. Of course you can come over to our house and play. Mommie even has some Hamm in the cold box that we can eat. I'm sure she won't mind when she finds out you were abandoned. Besides, maybe you can help me beat up, umm, I mean "play" with that silly sister of mine.



  31. Oh no! We is sendin ya some ham rolled up. Sorry, we ate the last of the chickie today...

  32. Happy Thanksgiving a few days late, sorry ! We's was busy, hope your weekend goes good too! XO