Friday, November 21, 2008

Fierce Fighter Day

Today, we wants to amember the cats who came... and went... afore us, an furiends who haf left us too soon. Dis is furry close to our harts cuz we lost Bonnie Underfoot, The Attack Tabby, on May 22, 2008. Yup, 6 months ago tomorro.

Bonnie, we miss you. I shure hope my doptin' Mom didn't make yur life any shorter, cuz I nefur meant to hurt you. Dad specially misses you cuz of the bond you shared wif him. We luv you.

Bigotes, you raised our mom! You cared fur her 15 years an made her a cat-person fur life. You was also a pioneer cat blogger. We luvs you.

Early Cat Blogging

Scruffy, in two years, you helped make Dad a cat purrson an got our boy started on the right paw. Dat's purrty amazin. You also raised lotsa kittens when you was young an survived changin famblies when you was 10! Mom still talks bout movin from Ill-annoy to Whiskonsin wif you, an how you cussed her out the whole way wif efurry cat curse you knew an a few you made up fur the occassion. An then you furgived her. We luvs you.

Scruffy in the Sun

We luvs all our Cat Blogosphere furiends an is sad efurry time one of you has to leaf us.
Purrs & sandpaper kisses,
Victor & Nina


  1. We remember and loved Bonnie Underfoot. We are remembering the ones before us.
    ~ The Bunch

  2. We can't bee lieve it's 6 months since Bonnie left us for the Bridge. Victor I know she is up there and ain't nobody messin wif her and she am watchin and guardin ofur yoo until yoo can sees her again...didja knoo dat we is Momma's furst kitties? She always had woofies growin der is none who came a'fore us.WE is the start of sumfing gud..


  3. It does not seem like 6 months...
    You have some wonderful O'sWCB!

  4. We're sure Bonnie is at the bridge playing with the ones that came before us...Bogart & Scooter...

  5. What a preshus tribute to Bonnie. What a wunnerful feisty gurl she was! We Ballicai are rememberin her, too, and we know she is watchin ofur all of you frum the Bridgie.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  6. Bonnie, Bigotes and Scruffy are always watching you and Nina from the Bridge. They'll be smilin' too.

    Whicky Wuudler

  7. Wez still missin Bonnie too. Bet all the kiatons at the Bridge are celebratin too...


    Rossetti (and Kirara too)

  8. We never got to know little Scruffy, but can say in all truth that Bonnie Was The Best! Just the other day our bean was cleaning up some photo files and we saw many pictures of her... so you know, we miss her, too!

  9. It still feels like such a short time that she left for the bridge.


  10. It doesn't seem like it's been 6 months since Bonnie went to the bridge. Remembering the ones who have come before is important, and you've made a wonderful tribute to yours.

  11. I sure do miss Bonnie. She was feisty!

  12. We remember Bonnie Underfoot, we just started blogging when she went to the bridge.

    (((Headbonks and purrs)))

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  13. Aw man...I still miss Bonnie, too. Maybe not like you do cause you got to live with her in the flesh and all, but I do miss her.

  14. What a nice tribute, I met you after Bonnie but I'm sure all your befores are looking out for you.

  15. Willow and I are remembering Bonnie today too. We can't hardly believe that it has been 6 months already.

    Purrrrrrs to all of you, China Cat

  16. It is sad when we remember the ones who went before, but it makes us happy to know we will see them again one day.

  17. What a beautiful post for your furry siblings.
    They still visit us from time to time, we just try and remember them as we would want to be remembered, with the happiness of times that have been had and the love that will never fade :)) That is what we would want, that is what they would want.. :))


  18. Nina, I do not believe your presence had anything to do with Bonnie's journey to the Bridge. She may have been bossy and whappy and all that, but underneath, she was a love..and knew that every cat needs a Forever Home. I don't believe she would begrudge you that.

    Thank you for rememberin' your loved ones with us!

  19. Ah, PHOOOOOOEY! Oh, well. I don't think you had anything to do with it, either, Victor.

    Double PHOOOOOOEY!

  20. Oh.. we still missez da grumpy Bonnie too Victor... it waz nice to see da other angelz frum your family.

  21. aw, it seems like just yesterday, not 6 months ago Bonnie crossed the Bridge. We are certain that you didn't do anything that made Bonnie cross sooner. Just like with beans, we have our special time that we are called home. You'll see her again and she'll whap you the same as always!

    you have many sweet furry angels in your family. it is nice to meet them.

  22. I wemember Bonnie. She's an awesome kitty. All of them are. And I miss evewyone who's gone over the Bwidge, but I think they're having a gweat time there, so it's ok.


  23. We are still new to this bloggin' world, but its nice to see pictures from the past. thanks so much for sharing such great memories XO

  24. Six months already? Time flies so fast ... This was a very nice post. We miss Bonnie too.