Saturday, August 02, 2008

Photo Hunters: Cloud

Moms says dis is the "Riverside & Great Northern Railroad #98, a 15-inch gauge live steam engine". It makes small CLOUDS of smoke. When a steamer makes lots of black smoke, it's not running efficiently. This puff of white is because it's starting to back down to the tourist passenger train it just ran around.

Anyone else fink the driver looks like Sandy Claws?

Engineer Santa
Originally uploaded by slambo_42
Ok, if you really wanna see Santa drivin the train, here him is.

I gotta fank furiends fur awards an shtuff, but Mom says she can't help wif dat rite now. MOOOOOOM!!!!


  1. Love that little train with it's white cloud of smoke!

  2. Way cool, Victor dude. Can we ride in that train like we did the cable cars?

    your bud Pepi

  3. A cloud of smoke, how cool is that. we's wanna ride on tha little train, too.
    Love and purrs,

  4. I had to biggify the picture because I thought Sandy Claws was facing the wrong direction!
    Good take on "clouds"!

  5. Nice choice!!! You're brave to post that - we're askeered of trains!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. The engineer does look like Santa!
    Wonder if he's making a list and checking it twice?

    ~ The Bunch

  7. That is a cool smoke CLOUD Victor and he does look like Santa! Whoo! Hoo! Let's go for a ride!!
    Your FL furiends,

  8. Love the smoke cloud. I wanted to let you know that both of my senior cats (now gone) live with health issues. One had cardiomyopathy and lived to 18 on heart meds. The other had hyperthyroidism and lived to 16. I have two 5 year old tabby brothers who show up on my blog. Thank you for visiting..

  9. What a nice change to all the skies I have seen so far ! Cute little train !

  10. Haha what a deligthful little train. THe diver looks just the part!

  11. That train looks fun. We would probly like to ride on it. Maybe Sandy Claws uses the train when his reindeer get tired.
    re. Brownie. Yes he did send us some info. He sent a link to bloggerbuster which gave advice. We left a comment on Blogger help forum wiv our url like they suggested too, cuz a blogger hyooman reads the comments there instead of just bots.

  12. Yep, thats definitly sandy claws. I imagine the red owtfit gets too hot to wear in the summer. PLus he has to do something while he waits for cwismas.

  13. Now that is one cool steam train. Good thinking because steam is very like a cloud. FAZ

  14. Very cool train! That dude does look like Santy Paws!!