Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Teased Tabby Tuesday

I told the woman I want to join the Pink Ladies. I asked her to take a picture to show that I'm pretty in pink. Just LOOK at the results! One good picture, then lots of teasing.
Do I look Lovely?
I pride myself on being lovely.
I can put up with the pink earring for only so long. After this shot, I wanted it off. The woman just kept taking pictures!

See What She Did to Me?
I showed Victor and asked him to do something!

Bonnie Looks Funny!
He just laughed at me!

Not Funny
We are NOT amused.

Naturally, it was my man who finally rescued me from this torture and teasing.


  1. Bonnie, let them laugh! You are incredible!

  2. Oh Bonnie, they were just jealous of how beautiful you are!

  3. Oh dear...poor Bonnie! But you do wook pwetty with your pink eawwing!

  4. Brofurs are alwyas laffin at sisfurs. Ignore him. Yore pink looks grate.

  5. Oh Bonnie, do you want to join the Pink Ladies!?! We would welcome you with open paws. If you do, just send me an e-mail and I will get you all set up. I am at:

  6. Daisy, my application is in your email! Thank you! I look forward to spending time with respectable felines. Purrs

  7. Oh Bonnie, pay no attention to them - you look wonderful!

  8. You look lovely in the earring, Bonnie. But I can tell that you don't like it very much. I'm glad your dad rescued you.

  9. I really like your pink earring, and I fink they will definitely let you in the Pink Ladies!

    Hey Victor, laughing at your sister must be fun! I wish I had a sister to tease!

  10. Oh the torture you endured :( Poor Bonnie.

    Victor laughed at you? I think you should put the pink earring on him when he's napping ;-)

  11. I hate it when they laugh at me for no good reason. I think you look fine.

  12. Let them laugh - they are just jealous they can't wear it with such style. Welcome to the Pink Ladies!

    Thanks for the advice re Knot Mee and what to do when 'things' happen as they are occurring a lot since I have been kept indoors. Now, I didn't ask to be kept in, did I?. In fact, I WANT to go out. Whose fault is it anyway?

  13. Oh Bonnie... you look ticked off in that last picture. I hope you put the bitey on something or somebody!

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  14. Bonnie,I think you look pretty in pink! You are a trend setter with that earring!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  15. Victor and Bonnie, I need your support. I am in trouble with SS, once again. This time, it's over the party. Sheesh, a party is a party, what does the woman expect?

  16. KC said...
    That big pink earring looks kinda cute on yous, Bonnie. Victor probably jus wants one, too.
    Purrs, KC

  17. Bonnie dear, I think you look lovely in your pink earring and The Pink Ladies would welcome you!

    Your friend (and fellow Pink Lady)

    PS Is your purrthday tomorrow? Mine is!!

  18. Sheesh Bonnie, I can't believe you had to endure such torture! I would have removed it for you.


  19. I don't know Bonnie, I think you look quite attractive with your pink earring on. It's to bad it bothered you so much. Don't mind Victor he's just a brother.


  20. I already join Pink Ladies club, but now I think I get signed up for Red Hat Society. I hope that is nothing like red light district.

  21. That happened to me a couple of months ago only it was a yellow hoop. That is a much prettier pink ring!