Saturday, January 19, 2008

Photo Hunters: Impawtant

Photo Hunters

Gosh, there is so many impawtant fings fur us, like our fambly an the whole Cat Blogosphere an hafin a wonnerful furever home... but one of the most impawtant fings to us is peace. ~ Victor

Christmas Peace

Our family, home, and friends are very important, and I insist on peace, even if I have to hiss at someone to get it. ~ Bonnie


  1. Fambly is where the heart is. :)

  2. lol! good catch for the theme... mine's up too.

  3. oh catzzzz! They're the most adorable photo subjects among animals!

    nice play of words too! impawtant in a family! =)

  4. Oh boy, we need more peace in our home! We had a lot till you know who arrived.
    Hey, Victor! Have you noticed how many times I've starred on our blog lately? Ever since Annie cried in the car the whole way back from SC, I think I am ML's new favorite!
    Is your family leaving you for trains again?

  5. yeah I agree to that..;) peace is important and family too..;)
    Have a great weekend! Mine is here take a peak if you had a chance..;)

  6. Oh I sooooooooooooo agree! Peace is Important!! Good one :)
    Purrs Mickey

  7. Aw, very cute kitties. Bonnie, I might start hissing at people to get peace - even though I'm a human! My PhotoHunt is all about cats this week, too. Have a lovely, purry weekend!

  8. You are very right, peace is important!

  9. Speedy is always looking fur peace. Even if he gets whapped a few times.

  10. Great pick peace is very important.

  11. That is very good meaning for this important subject~!!!!! I love the photo~!!

    Oah THANK YOU!!!!! For giving me such a lovely lovely awards~!!!!
    Thank you~!! You are so great~~~~~ I certainly like to visit you~!!!!!!