Saturday, October 13, 2007

Photo Hunters: Smelly

We decided to share a couple of our favorite smells!
I sum up this theme in one word: CATNIP.

We is SOOOOO late this week! So, here I am, nibblin on Mom's smelly shoe. But it's a yummy smell, not a bad smell. It's M.O.M.! Mine MOM!


  1. You know, my human doesn't leave her shoes around. And well, show would WANT to smell the Male's?

  2. Darn, I missed this one, I would have shown Kavan as smelly!


  3. Those are 2 excellent smells!

  4. Oh yes Mom shoes are nearly as good as catnip, now if only we could get those scientists to combine the two... Mmmmm.... Kitty bliss! :)

  5. I think this is the only nip post for this theme! But now, after reading yours, it seems to obvious! Love that shoe-shot!

  6. Victor, are you talking to your Mom's shoe?

  7. Haha...Mummy's smells are the best aren't they?
    I wove mine Mummy's smells too...even though they may not all be nice smells. Ehehhehh...

  8. We LOVE us some cat nip! Can you belive that they don't even have it here in Italy! What is wrong with these people! The poor Italian cats don't even know what they are missing.

    Opus and Roscoe

  9. Lovely pictures:) You can come over and play with my toes if you like, but please don't put the bitey on them! xxx

  10. Victor, Annie is tearing thru the house with Lucy so I'm jumping on here! OMIDAWG we had a weekend like your week, and our week was pretty insane too! Friday night I threw up A LOT right after coming in (and eating huge chunks of grass on my way in the door) and then I started panting and ML called the vet and it was scary. But I was OK eventually. Tonight there is something wrong with the side of my mouth!
    The dawg hasn't put her rear left foot down since Friday night, so she and Bianca and maybe me all go to the fur doctor tomorrow.
    And Smudge POOPED really stinky and runny poo in a box of mosaic shards tonight and then splattered it all over the HOUSE and rugs. He just got a butt bath in the bathroom sink.
    And Mosaic Lady went into heat tonight.
    Night night Sweet Baby Boy.
    As soon as the fosters are gone, we are all hunkering down quietly for the winter! NO MORE CATS ALLOWED.

  11. I am so sorry, Victor. (and Bonnie)
    I forgot to say how much I love your photos, especially the shoe fetish one! Walter used to do that to ML's shoes too, especially her Land's End fleece slippers.