Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall-ow Up

I wanted to follow up on our Fall pictors frum Caturday's Photo Hunters. Here's part of the front yard before an after Mom an the boy chased the leafs around.
It's Fall
Hmmm. Looks like Dad mite need to feed the grass eater again.

Here's anofur set...
Too Many Leaves
After (same tree, diffrint side):
After the Raking and Blowing
See the piles along the curb? That's what my beans made!
Dat's a lot of leafs! They has to get them to the curb so the City can bring big leaf eatin monsters to carry them away. Seems like a lot of werk just to see the grass.
The Piles

Ok, we also gots some furiends to mention fur sharin their special knowledges an talents wif us! First off, Opus an Roscoe in Italy will answer questions, so we asked a furry impawtant question bout stinky goodness (day 2). They gave us sum grate idears! I's still werkin on openin the refrigerator door. I fink it helps if I stick my head in when it's closin, so it don't seal. I fink we gotta push fur the small cans alla time so it's nefur old/cold food.

Secondly, the cats at Zoolatry helped their mom, Ann, to make wonderous pictors of us! ::spin:: Here's me wif fishies! Mmmmm, fishies! An I fink they really caught the essence of Bonnie. Um, don't tell her I sed that.

Ok, that's it fur now. Mom's gotta turn the puter off an take the boy to Boy Scouts, whatefur that is. All I know is, last time he brought home nice short ropes fur me to play wif. Then he tied them in knots (I helped). Maybe he'll bring me fishies tonight! Hugs an purrs to alla our good furiends, an nose kisses fur my sweet Lady Sadie Badie.


  1. My Lady does not rake leaves nor mow lawns. She says that in her 28 years, she has never even touched a lawnmower. She is not kidding. Yard work is not her friend. She even had to throw away a fake plant one time cause she let it get too dusty and it didn't look right after she dusted it. I don't know what her problem is either. Beans!

  2. I think we all enjoyed leaping in the leaves with you guys on Sunday!

  3. My humans usually wait until about Thanksgiving to rake all of the leaves up. They say they just keep falling and they're really lazy. Good work your humans are doing.


  4. That is quite a big job that you have done~!!! I think your human need to take a big rest~!!!!

    We don't have any garden in urban space here, so I am very admiring you have such a great yard.

  5. Nice yard!!! I wanna play in those leaves.I see lots blowing around on the deck.Lazy Mom has not gathered them up yet!

  6. ohhh we have pine needles and leaves. it would be nice if someone would come eat all ours. we have too many trees. well maybe not but too many leaves and needles. your yard looks great! the humans did a lot of work for sure. very pretty green grass! good to munch on.

    sending purrs and hugs

  7. That does look like a lot of work! I think I like the leaves as much as the grass. We do not have any trees that make their leaves fall off where I live. Oh, except for the Tabebuia trees that lose their leaves in springtime and then get covered in pretty flowers.

  8. HaHaHaHa! That's a great photo of Bonnie!

  9. Those are very nice graphics of you and Bonnie :-)

  10. Fall is such a great time of year. The photos are great with all of the pretty yellow and oranges in the leaves.
    Wanted to let you know that I am having a Halloween party this weekend. Check out my blog and get the details, I think we will have a lot of fun. You are welcome to bring some of your friends, be sure to let them know. Hope to see you there.

  11. That's a whole lotta leaves that you have at your house, Victor an' Bonnie! We have lots, too ... 'cept ours are green an' come from the avocado tree in the back. We wish that we had leaf-eatin' monsters ... We just have mess.

  12. Schmaybe yur Mom can bring some leaves in da house so you can make piles and jump in dem. Wheeeeeee!

  13. Your garden looks very nice after the leafs are all cleaned up. It is good exercise for the beans so they can have extra snacks.

    Hey, how about us?!!

  14. Victor, Henry beat me to it so let me cut, paste, and edit a teeny bit:

    My Lady does not rake leaves nor mow lawns. She says that in her 49 years, she has never even touched a lawnmower. She is not kidding. Yard work is not her friend.

    When we moved to our new house last Dec 3, the lawns were FULL of leaves. And we left them there. No one died. (Well, Walter died, but we're pretty sure it's unrelated.) They are falling again, and we are pretty sure we'll leave them there again. I hope I don't die, "unrelatedly".

    I am going to the fur dentist first thing tomorrow morning for my cleaning. They had a cancellation for this week, so lucky me. I have been sneezing and sneezing. It might be my teeth? Maybe ML will drink so much wine tonight she won't wake up on time. I will be very mad when she does not serve me my plate of cream first thing in the morning.

    Tartar kisses and inflammed gum hugs!
    Sadie Badie

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