Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Shhh... we's hidin. Mom got out a PTU* an tooked away our food dishes. I fink it's Bonnie's PTU, but I's hidin anyway, just in case. Last time the food dishappeared, I wented to the VET fur a day an nite an I sleeped an when I woked up, my mouf felt funny, there were odd purpul mousies climbin the walls, and I had a funny itch at the back of my neck.

Mom won't do that to me again! Uh-uh, no way, I's stayin unner the bed. Shhh don't tell her where I is!

Where's my food, woman? What do you THINK you're doing! I'm HUNGRY. Feed. Me. Nooooooow. Noooooooow, I tell you! Listen to me! Stop putting those plates away and FEED ME. I'm telling my man on you! Take Victor - he's under the bed. You know he WANTS to go. Really, he told me so. Fooooooood. Noooooooow.

Mom here. Bonnie's going to the vet tomorrow for a tooth cleaning, checkup and micro-chipping. No food after 6 for her, and no way to feed only Victor. Funny how the minute I picked up their dishes, both decided they were starving.

UPDATE: VERY BAD NEWS. Our furiend Oscar the Puppy Cat has suddenly gone to the bridge. There's an explanation at Emma's blog and a Chatzy chat tonite. Our purrayers are wif Oscar's fambly (efun frum unner the bed).

*PTU: Prisoner Transport Unit, aka Cat Carrier


  1. Ut oh. *Beau Beau & Angie peeping owt from unner da bed* We am hiding. Come on ofur and hide unner here wif us. We won't let yur beans take yoo if'n yoo don't want to go. Shhhh. we's got food too.

  2. Bonnie my dear friend, RUN!! HIDE!!


    So sad about Oscar, so sudden...

  3. Uh oh tooth cleaning. Do you know how many of my teeth they stole?!

    We were shocked to hear about Oscar.

  4. Too bad for Bonnie. That really sucks. I've never had my teeths cleaned before. I don't think I would like it.

  5. Bonnie, I'll be thinking of ya wile yer gitting torcherd tomorrow. I HATE gitting my teeths kleened!

  6. Uh-oh, Bonnie, I think you would be better off hiding under the bed with Victor, or maybe under something else, than yelling about being fed. It's your PTU that's out and I don't think you are going to like it one little bit.

    P.S. to the Mom, it always seems to happen that way, doesn't it? Food available, no one's hungry. Food not available, everyone is starving.

  7. Oh, and I am very shocked and sad about Oscar the Puppy Cat.

  8. wut wuz worse ... da tooth cleenin, da check-up, or da microchippin ... or iz it da starvashun dat comez wid all dat?

    it'zza sad da in da blogosphere. i'm missin oscar the puppy cat.

  9. Bonnie, did you hide under the bed with Victor? I hope you didn't have to go get your teeths cleaned. It doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, especially if you can't have any foods.


  10. If you keep moving, it makes it harder for mom to catch you, just change locations when she's not looking!

  11. Oh Bonnie I'm sure it will be OK. Your mouth will feel funny but luckily you won't be awake for the torture. I'll give you a nice bath when you're done.


  12. Uh oh, I hope the teeth cleaning goes well. I hate teeths. They always cause trouble. I hope I never have to get mine cleaned. I'd better start brushing.

    I was very shocked and saddened to read the news about Oscar. It was so unexpected. I do not think I can take losing any more of our dear friends.

  13. VETS are horrible!
    I were a microchip under my fur, too. I was very happy when it was over and done. HORRIBLE!!!

  14. Hello Darling Victor Tabby Boy,
    So glad you are home and well! And I do hope the same for Bonnie. Really. I do.
    Thank you for defining PTU! All this time I wondered what it meant and the best I came up with was People Torture Unit. Which is also true, huh?
    Mosaic Lady wanted to get a photo of me with our new Cat Art (Katrina Cats) just for you but I am hiding in my yards, of course. Willie was just so handy, so Miss Boo will be happy!
    OH. Yesterday I had a baby bunny out front on his back but ML made me let it go! We were just getting to the funnest part of playing!
    Your Lovely Badester

  15. How was Bonnies visit wif da vet? Hope she gave dem what for....course afore she was noked out. We'z thinking bout going into hiding fur awhile. Things are way to sad right now...

  16. i wonder if you'll see purple mousies on the walls, bonnie. will you let us know?


  17. EEK, the V.E.T.! I'll be going soon for a checkup myself -- and a tooth cleaning. Arrrrgh...

    I love the term PTU, Prisoner Transport Unit! That's purrfect.

    And we Ballicai are all so sad about Oscar. He was such a special kitty and my adopted Kitty Daddy. I miss him so...

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  18. I hope everything went okay at the vet!

  19. We'll keep your secret Victor. Poor Bonnie, visiting the vet is not fun.

    We're so sad about Oscar. We loved his blog.