Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Rock (of course)

I, Bonnie Underfoot, have been nominated for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award no less than four times. In other words, I *rock*. Purr, purr.

I was nominated by Momma Grace, dear Chase's sisfur Kaze, Karen Jo, and Marie the Defender. You ALL rock!

Here's a picture I like, where you can see me blogging.
Blogging Cat

Now, to tag 5 more... Let's see, so many Rockin' Girl Bloggers out there and so many already tagged...
Ah! I know! 5 Cat Style and The Flyer, two sisters who ROCK with their love of felines.
Ayla the Grump. I *love* her cattitude! She's an inspiration to me.
Ok, so I can get back to my nap sooner, I'm nominating all four girls in the Big Piney Woods! Mittens, Patches, Mistrie Rose, and Precious, you ALL rock! You are beautiful, kind, and wise, and you clearly have Mom Toni wrapped around your paws.

I have decided to retake more of my home. My man has been unwell and sleeping a lot, so in order to stay near him, I have "discovered" the cat cup in the bedroom. It's quite comfortable, really. I also found a lovely blanket in the living room after July 4 that has an interesting scent of grass and outdoors. These places are comfortable, defensible, and allow me to snoopervise my home without so much contact with you-know-who. And he stepped on another brownie. That's 3 now.

Update: I've just won Skeezix the Cat's 1,000th Post contest! Me! I'm terribly excited. I need to choose a cat to sponsor at Best Friends Animal Society... I need to have the woman add the badge to my blog along with my Rockin' Blogger badge... and I need to start an Amazon wish list just for ME. I wonder if they sell Victor Repellent? Well, it certainly is MY day! Maybe I'll even let my woman rub my belly. Oh, and SKEEZIX ROCKS!


  1. You definitely do rock, Bonnie! You passed the award along to some rockin' bloggers, too!

  2. Congratulations Bonnie! I am very proud of you!

  3. Congratulations, Bonnie! You are a true winner, adn you do ROCK!

  4. Yay Bonnie! Yoo are a Rockin' Gerl...and a good gesser, sertinly better than us!

  5. Bonnie you are having a great time ~ congrats ~ Victor did good too ~ answering the cat blog quiz correctly ~ maybe you can outdo Victor in today's question :)

  6. Concatyoolayshuns Bonnie, furr winning Skeezix compytishun, and noy only that,yoo reely do rock. I reely enjoyed dancing wiv yoo at the party the uvver night.

  7. What a wonderful day for you! You do rock!

  8. You are really rockin', Bonnie. Congratulations on both the award and winning Skeezix's contest. I think congratulations are also in order for finding defensible places where you can get away from we-know-who.

  9. Wow, congratulations on your nomination and winning Skeezix's contest! You do rock (I was going to nominate you too, but got scooped!)


  10. Congratulations Bonnie! You are a Rockin' Blogger! Nice job winning Skeezix' contest - he had some great prizes for the winner! You are very lucky. :)

  11. Of course you rock, Bonnie. Concatulations!

  12. We're a little behind in our visiting, but belated congratz on being the Skeezix winner!

  13. Thanks for the nomination, Bonnie! And CONGRATULATIONS to YOU on being nominated FOUR times! That's awesome! That means you like ROCK from all 4 directions! \m/ ;D

    ~The Flyer