Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tabby Tails Tuesday (and New Links to Pounce)

I Love Cats has silly cat-theme games! In this one, you shoot fish and money at the cats. The trick seems to be to fire just as they open their mouths to meow. Too many meows without a treat, and the game ends! No download or registration is necessary to play up to 101 times. But I Love Cats also has a cat site directory you might wish to join. Too bad about all the ads, but they help distract the beans from what we cats are up to.

Feed The Cats (PS Mom's hi score is 1,946 ofur 9,000!)

We also discovered Animal Internet through our good friend Beezer. Once you open an account for one animal, it can be associated with other animals. You can exchange messages, join forums, and all that good stuff. It's a bit like Catster and Dogster, but all species can interact. There are cows vowing to help the environment by controlling their flatulence. When's the last time you talked to a polar bear, hmmm? Bonnie wants to keep this site to herself, but Victor's shouldering his way in. Mom needs to fix our pictures there!

Mom also wants to update our site since we have lots of new things to add and need to reorganize the existing stuff. We need to display our beautiful virtual squillions from the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats and, well, the site needs some Spring cleaning.

Now, we present, Two Tabby Tails for Tuesday!
Bonnie is pointing out the treat cupboard, while Victor is eating.
Is He Touching Me?
I'm So Ashamed! He's Touching Me!

Bonnie: "HE'S TOUCHING ME!!!"


  1. Two tabby tails - lovely! :) Thanks for sharing those sites - I'll have to go have a look!

  2. Well, I let Speedy touch me so I don't get that "he's touching me" thing but I bet Zippy wood, she duzent like us touching her at all. Thanks fur all da new stuff, mom hasta clean up our bloggie too. We have tons of new linkies we need to add and some dat hafta go. She needs to get off her butt and do our stuff.

  3. Hi Bonnie!! I'm sorry he's touching you, I know how that annoys you. Looks like you've been very busy on the Internet! Many purrs and head butts,


  4. Dear B&V, I am told it is important to share (but that's easy for me to say - I don't have to share my blog with anyone). FAZ
    p.s. thanks for all the blogging information.

  5. Oh no touching at feeding time! Thanks for sharing the links.

  6. The links were very very interesting!
    I really like your webpage thingy.
    Bonnie I am sorry you fell donw the stairs herking a hairball. hahahaha

    I read using the "ignore technique" is really effective with pests...no, we don't do that here either.


  7. Oh man, Victor, sorry yore boy has stripped throat. Mommy had that a year or so ago, and it feels icky she said. She survived it tho, so I's sure yore boy will too! I don't fink it's the Tummy Ghost that does it tho. I fink it's the Throat Strippin Monster. We'll whack it if we sees it nearby tho. Or we'll run if it's too skeery.

  8. Hmmm I finks yous been touching a lot lately. Could dis be the start of a *sshhhhh* friendship?

  9. Those are such cute little stripey tails! They look like they are rasslin'!

  10. Looks like a game we call "tail tag!" FAnks fer the new site links!

  11. Oh thank you for the great site links

  12. Awhhh... I think the two tails are soo cute.

  13. Tommy touches me with his tail sometimes but since I don't have much of a tail I can't reciprocate. So, I tap his tail sometimes with my paw...drives him crazy hehehe.

  14. I don't like my sibs touching my tail either! 'Specially when I'm eating! But your tails are lovely!

  15. Yes ,two tabby tails Hahaha!! So cute!!
    Smell the sring in my blog!


  16. To beautiful tails touching. How sweet. I bet Bonnie secretly likes having Victor touch her tail.