Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Paper or Plastic?

Wacky Whensday Already?
Paper or plastic? What a silly question. Defnitly paper. Aside from the fact that Bonnie tries to eat them, you can't haf this much fun wif plastic bags! Not safely.
First, you haf to stalk yur prey.
Use any available cover to make sure yur not seen.
Git ready fur a really good POUNCE!
Nefur miss an opportunity to tag yur prey.
An after the hunt, it's time to relax.

Mom? Can I haf anofur bag now? This one's broked.
Purrs an nose kisses to my sweetest Emmy!


  1. I hope my people see this. They always get the plastic bags and we never get the fun ones. I need a bag! RIGHT NOW!

  2. And you know that plastic just doesn't SOUND as good as paper.

  3. Paper bags are definitely lots of fun. It looks like you pretty well destroyed that one. I hope you get another one soon.

  4. I agree, paper bags are the best. Try to avoid the ones with handles because I always seem to get my head stuck through them and then walk around with a paper bag attached to me and the people laugh.

    Hi Bonnie! The Woman got the beautiful bookmark that Artsy Catsy made and you sent as a gift, that was so sweet of you!

  5. Good point, Chase, but I tore the handles off pretty good.
    Chey, yur rite bout the sound. Bonnie an I bof run frum rattlin plastic bags.

  6. Terrific photos! :) Paper bags are lots of fun to play with. :) And they are better for the environment!

  7. Hi Bonnie and Victor! Yoo kow dat yoo just gotta haf sum paper bags at all times. My mom knows dis but dad, eh. He's reely lame in da cat entertanemint dept.

  8. The only fing is Victor, Momma uses dem plas-tik bags to put our poops in. It's her pooperbag.

    But oh wowie a paper bag wood be so much fun!

  9. Paper bags really make great toys - we love them! Our Lady always makes sure there are lots of paper bags in our house!

    China Cat & Willow

  10. That bag looks like so very much fun. My beans are like Max's beans, thry only get plastic too. But we do get boxes sometimes.

  11. ooo fun, ooo fun gotta go play now! I love a good paper bag & fev-ver toy romp!!!!

  12. Lots of fun with paper bags. You really destroyed that one.

  13. I agree with Max. My people always get plastic and I want paper, paper!

    Oh. Mom just told me they don't have paper at the store here. Drat.

  14. HAHAHA, owr lady says she knows eggsactly what yer lady is going thru! What a grate progresshun series of yer life with the papur bag! Thanks fur sharing

  15. Paper is also easier to set on fire!

  16. Oh yeah. Paper all the way. Great toys, great forts, great noise makers, great hide 'n seek, great to destroy. And a fine job you did of that!!

    Luf, Us

  17. Victor, I (belatedly) want to thank you for dropping by my blog and adding me to your blogroll. I appreciate it.

  18. Plastic is DANGEROUS, please, please say away from plastic. Paper is good and rustles brilliantly. I vote Paper every time. FAZ

    p.s. once I got the handle caught round my neck and I ran and ran but it kept chasing me - it was very scary.

  19. Excellent stealth work, Victor! Your paw coming through the tear in the bag is great. Have you talked to Chey about a position in her administration...maybe something in the FBI or CIA would be well suited to your abilities.

    Senior Advisor to Chey

  20. You know what? I think your Mom had just as much fun as you did taking pictures of your big hunt. Mom usually gets plactic bags to put our stuff in it from the L box, but she brings home a paper bag now and then to replace the old one that has been played out. You did a good job on your bag.


  21. looks like you are having a ton of fun!

  22. Hello Victor and Bonnie too!

    We love the paper bags, but most of the stores, the don't have them alot. Plastic is fun, but only under human supervision!

    Lately we have box wars, until we need a new one too, like your paper bag. Ohhh I must steal the box back from Merlin...

    Purrs and Meows

    Zed Monster .... and those other Bad Kitty Cats too

  23. paper- but plastic is best to wake up the beans with at night

  24. Dude - excellent way to break the bag!!

    I don't like bags, they is scary. You is furry brave.....


  25. I prefer paper.

    I prefer plastic. I'm also a member of "Plastic Lickers Anonymous" on Catster. :)

  26. It is furry disappointin' when a bag breaks ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO

  27. Paper is deffernuttly the best, but we don't git it furry often now.