Saturday, April 29, 2006


Mom says I dopted her on October 29 and that was zactly 6 months ago, so today's a special day. It's my 6 Month Gotchiversary!

Mom found this old email she wrote to a friend bout it:
S***[the man] shouldn't have left us alone so long. R*** [the boy] and I went to PetSmart and were adopted by an 8-month old kitten. I called S*** and while our train friend laughed his head off in the background, I won the argument basically because S*** thinks I'd keep pestering him otherwise. Victor is white with tabby spots and basically grabbed me through the cage, then snuggled and purred and told me he wants to be my lap cat. He's shut in the basement bedroom with food, water, litter, toys, and a radio, and Bonnie alternates acting normal and hissing at the door or us. She growled at the door this morning, but that's when Victor was meowing for attention - in fact, Bonnie is doing better than I expected. Next is a check-up for Victor. S*** hasn't met him yet partly out of loyalty to Bonnie. It's bad enough that R*** and I are associating with the intruder, but not S*** too! This may take awhile.
Mom's friend said that if Dad didn't accept me, Bonnie nefur would. But Dad camed in wif me an sat an snuggled me. He's good for playin, too. He likes to get me dizzy (an gifs me CHICKEN)!

As fur Bonnie... Mom says she's still not her old self. We don't really fight. I nefur hiss or growl or swat Bonnie (cept play swats). I'd nefur hurt her, an she won't touch me (cept mean swats). Maybe by my 1 year Gotchiversary we'll get along better. I'm furry happy wif the people I chose and our home.

Purrs an headbutts to all my furry special blogosphere furiends!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Victor's Chicken Dance

Musical Accompaniment*
*We suggest you open the link in new window to enjoy the music while browsing the pictors. Fanks!

Dad was makin dinner, chopping up chicken for in-chill-ah-duhs, and I did a Chicken Dance!
Victor's Chicken Dance
Hey, what's cookin, Dad?
Victor's Chicken Dance
Oh, is that chicken?
Victor's Chicken Dance
For me? Gimme!
Victor's Chicken Dance
Gimme! Want that! Gimme chicken!!!
Victor's Chicken Dance
Gimme gimme gimme!!!
Victor's Chicken Dance
Gimme mine mine mine
Victor's Chicken Dance (clapping)


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sumfing's Fishy

Poor Mom. My beans had fish for dinner last night, an I gots some (but not enough). So Mom had it for leftovers today, but her whole work complained about the smell an made her feel bad. Then someone sprayed some really stinky air freshener that makes Mom sneeze an annoyed her even more.

*I* like the smell of fish, even as leftovers. I'd have gladly had the leftover fish for lunch, an I don't even need it heated up. Maybe next time I should have the leftover fish since I don't have a "work" to bother with the smell, only Bonnie an she won't eat people food cept salmon, and this was cod, not salmon. Or Dad can come home an haf it for lunch an gimme some, too. I'd better hop in Mom's lap and give her some kisses.

Mmmmmm. Mom, did you know your mouf smells really good?

Our Whiskonsin neighbor an good friend, Smiley Derby, tagged us for favorite cat bloggin words. Well, we learned most of our favorites from the Psychokitty himself, Max.

  • Stinky Goodness
  • Little Sticky Humans

We also learned that little itty-bitty stinky humans are called Little Blurpy Things from our fellow tabby, Mad Moses, who has retired to a barn.

I like words like "beans", "doption", an "puter" but I don't know who started these!
Lastly, but not leastly, Edsel an Casey gave us the word dingleberries! You know, when you leave the litter box with sumfing clingin.

Now, the hard part. Who to tag? Furiends from all ofur!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Never Happened

I deny it ever happened. I swear those pictures were faked by that stoopid cowcat. It was some other tabby - you can't see my face. Don't you believe me? Geesh. And I wasn't high on nip at the time, either.

Ok, and to show how beans and cats have different per... pur... spectives (you know, interpret the same thing different), check out this message from my man to my woman:

Very un-Bonnielike

Went home for lunch today, munched on some light stuff. While I was reading at the computer, Bonnie was rubbing around and standing up to rub my knee a few times until she finally jumped up and found out what all this lap business is about. She very purposely sat down and went through a few minutes of purring while I finished reading. Back in the hallway as I left for work again though, the growling and hissing returned.

No, no, no! He's got it all wrong. Let me set the record straight. He was in my chair again. I was NOT snuggling. I don't DO snuggling. I was just getting my chair back. That's where I belong, all day, efurry day.

Have I cleared things up for you all? I don't snuggle. I won't tolerate Victor. I'm Bonnie, the original Attack Tabby.

And speaking of Victor, he did the most disgusting thing yesterday. He kissed my woman... on the lips! She had just eaten a candy before she picked him up. He says he just wanted to smell her mouf, but I saw him. He planted his front paws on her cheeks and turned her face and kissed her! Ewwwwwww.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New Photos Reveal All!

Happy Victor
Know why I look so happy?

Long Victor & Bonnie
It's Bonnie's purrthday and she let me lie right here in front of her.

Bonnie & Victor
This candid shot could ruin Bonnie's rep.

Bonnie says Mom used the Boy's new clicky box to take these shots (I was asleep an didn't see). What better test subjects than us?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Special Day!

Happy Purrthday, Bonnie & Boy!!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chair Rules

To my male servant:

Although I have treated you with preferential treatment in the past, I believe you have pushed my goodwill too far.

I am referring to your use of the gray chair in the computer room. As you may have noticed, this chair is my favorite place for sleeping. While I appreciate that letting you use my chair leaves it warm and cozy, that does NOT give you the right to make me vacate the chair whenever you wish. An occasional polite request for your turn is acceptable, but last night's behavior was intolerable.

I will not tolerate you making me leave my chair, then leaving it yourself, only to return as soon as I've gotten comfortable to remove me again. Once, perhaps, but last night, you demanded then abandoned the chair no less than 3 times, dislodging me upon each return.

Make up your mind. Either you're using the chair or I am. We can not trade places every few minutes. It's unacceptable. Should this continue, I will have to take steps to make you use a different chair and leave mine alone.


Bonnie Underfoot,
The Attack Tabby

Monday, April 03, 2006


Lookit these pictors Mom gots! I had a wonerful time, til the bag went all flat. I gotta gets anofur one!
Victor Bagging 1
Do you see me?
Victor Bagging 8
I gots my eye on you!
Victor Bagging 4
My new pawtrait!
Victor Bagging 3

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Rub A Dub Dub

Rub A Dub Dub
Rub A Dub Dub,
originally uploaded by Bonnie & Victor Cats.

Rub A Dub Dub
Two Cats in a Tub
And Who Do You Think They Be?
Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat!
Turn 'em out, Knaves All Furry!