Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Never Happened

I deny it ever happened. I swear those pictures were faked by that stoopid cowcat. It was some other tabby - you can't see my face. Don't you believe me? Geesh. And I wasn't high on nip at the time, either.

Ok, and to show how beans and cats have different per... pur... spectives (you know, interpret the same thing different), check out this message from my man to my woman:

Very un-Bonnielike

Went home for lunch today, munched on some light stuff. While I was reading at the computer, Bonnie was rubbing around and standing up to rub my knee a few times until she finally jumped up and found out what all this lap business is about. She very purposely sat down and went through a few minutes of purring while I finished reading. Back in the hallway as I left for work again though, the growling and hissing returned.

No, no, no! He's got it all wrong. Let me set the record straight. He was in my chair again. I was NOT snuggling. I don't DO snuggling. I was just getting my chair back. That's where I belong, all day, efurry day.

Have I cleared things up for you all? I don't snuggle. I won't tolerate Victor. I'm Bonnie, the original Attack Tabby.

And speaking of Victor, he did the most disgusting thing yesterday. He kissed my woman... on the lips! She had just eaten a candy before she picked him up. He says he just wanted to smell her mouf, but I saw him. He planted his front paws on her cheeks and turned her face and kissed her! Ewwwwwww.


  1. Actually, The Mom loves me to kiss is a good way to make points, especially if you have been bad....


  2. Gross. Have you seen what beans eat? I'll accept a peck on the head now and then, but I don't need to earn affection from my beans; they belong to me and should work at earning my affection.

  3. Poor Bonnie. Mom gives great skritches an kisses an makes me purr lotsa times. As for the pictors being faked, *I* don't know, I was asleep. But I know Dad was home for lunch today and you was extra nice to him. I heard purring.

  4. Oh my goodness Bonnie what is happening to you? Must have been new good feelings after Easter!
    Don't think me & Angie kissing lasted forever eifer. If you look closely at our Easter picshur you can see her lip starting to curl up in a snarl at me!

  5. Is my fiesty Bonnie really mellowing out?! And dear Victor is quite the romantic at heart, I see. At least you chose to kiss your Mommy. My Foster Mommy used to grab me all the time and, whether I liked it or not, she would plonk a big one on me. All over my face! Did I mention all the time too?!

    But I liked it. *purr*


  6. I agree with you, Bonnie.

    Isis likes kissing our human pet despite what our human pet has on herself. She could have just scratched at her nose, laying the hand down on the comforter, and Isis will jump up to kiss those fingers. I don't understand it.

    Some felines can't appreciate the fine art of headbutting. It gets my message across real well: *SMACK* Get me my food! *SMACK* Clean the litter box! *SMACK* Didn't you hear me the first time?*SMACK*

    Maybe you should headbutt Victor!

  7. Mom kisses me all the time and well, being a boy, it's just plain embarassing. I kissed mom on the face once, and only once. It was purely scientific. I wanted to see what she tasted like. Now I know. Maybe that's what he was doing. As for the lap thing, it never hurts to get extra points BEFORE you do something bad!

  8. Scout has really foul bref so mom turns away when he tries it.

  9. Your rep as a "bad girl" is safe, Bonniel. We all know how humans skew the facts for their own benefit.

    Attack on!

  10. Humans sometimes love to be kissed. Sometimes you just have to make them happy! It's a tough job, but we cats are up to it!

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