Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Summer Bay-Kay-Shun Part 3

I fink if you click here, you'll pounce on Part 1...
and if you click here, you'll catch Part 2!

Part 3 - MANY pictors ahead - you can cliky to bigify.
After that long drive an a few extra naps, we went to pike peek. I was reely lookin forward to watchin fish, efun if I could only peek at them. Wul, there weren't any fish, but there was anofur train (one wif 3 tracks!) that we rode up furry high to where there was no plants or trees an it was furry cold an hard to breathe. I fink we went around the corner to winter, but the view was amazin.

First, there was lotsa trees nearby, but huge rocks all round us. A little kitty could get losted in there!

Then we gots higher an could see fur miles in all directions... cept there was mountains in the way.

Our trained monster kept going up an up an up, efun when I thot we'd fall off!

When we got passed the trees, there were lotsa rocks. You fink that's why they're the rocky mountains?

What a strange place to build a house! You can see the track where we'd been.

So many layers of mountains, how would we find the pike peek we was lookin for?

Since that's where we'd headed, the pike peek must be up there, sumwhere.

FINALLY we sawed a critter! I waved an mewed at that cat an a few ofurs we passed, but they ignored us!

Mom said that they's marmots an efurry marmot in the area goes on a treck once in its lifetime to see the metal stream an the big red monsters that move along it.

This must be the end of the line!

WOW, that's a long way down. The trained monster stopped (whew!) so's we could walk round an see the view.

What a view! An it was reely cold - see the snow? Luckily, there was a house we cud go in to buy stuff like t-shirts an oxygen an hot cocoa. Still no pike!

Maybe that sign asplains it, but I's still confused. I gotted a little dizzy up there, too. Where're the fish?
Back on the trained monster, we started down the mountain. I hope it holds on reel good! There's also a road sum beans drive on to go up there, an sum efun walk or run all the way. They's crazy, tho, cuz the trained monster nefur slipped an didn't take as long.

Mom said that's Collar-ado Springs down there. Hi Emmy, Meeko, Kiara! Up here! I hope they saw me wave.

I was glad to see trees agin, but the cottony sky thingys was getting bigger an darker all the way down.

I don't know how, but we met anofur monster on its way up. Now you can see what my monster an the ofur one look like. I was ascared they'd fite or at least hiss, but no.

This is wear the trained monsters live at the bottom of the mountain. I still didn't get to peek at any pike, but they's got tiny fev-vers!

Mr Station Master puts this feeder out fur the hummers.

Naturlly, afur that we had lunch.

Whew! This post was lotsa werk. I better get sum naps afore I try to finish this day of the trip. That's right, efun after ridin a trained monster to the top of a mountain, we did MORE grate stuff that day! Wul, ok, mostly we drove, but the places we saw were amazin.

[Pleeze note that mine mom's been huntin at werk a lot more than yousual, makin it reely hard to werk on the blog. Bonnie an I are fine an we don't know why that plant jumped off the counter.]


  1. Wowee! B-e-a-utiful pictures! That collar-ado spurrings one was really nice.

    We gotta little dizzy tho just lookin at some of 'em! Thats WAAAAYYYY up and a LONNNNG way down!

    Thank'n you for taking the time to share them wif us!

    Purrs - The Kitty Cat's Corner cats

  2. Those are great pict-shures!! Momma and Daddy drove the metal monsters up to the top of the peek. She sed it wuz kinda scary at some parts.

    I,i mean we, can't wait for yur visit!! It might not be sunny enough for the stairs tho. But we have ofur comfy places.
    ~Emmy (and meeko & kiara)

  3. I wish I cood go on vakayshun. The Food Lady sez I have to get my problim with the sqwerts fixed ferst. This looks like a lot of fun. I reely want to go on a rode trip!

  4. What a neat vacation..Thanks for the pictures!

  5. WOW! Sounds like you guys had a great time! We are sooo jealous!

    We wanted to invite you guys to our birthday party in Italy tomorrow. Being the travlers that you are, I am sure you will enjoy Italy. Check out our blog for details. Hope to see you there!

    Opus and Roscoe

  6. Those were such beeeutiful views of them mountains. Hope they gave you lots of oxygin when you gots to the top. BayKaShuns are great fun. An you gots to ride in a reel train. What's better than that?

  7. nice bay-k-shun pikshurs! we want to go there now. can we Mom? Puhleese?

  8. Those pichurs are beeyooteefull. What an advenchur. I fink we wud be skeered up that high in those big metal monster trains. Yoo are furry brave.

  9. Hey Bonnie and Victor

    I has an ider. Let's all get together and go on a bay-ca-shun. I bet we can come up wif some good places to go bisit.


  10. thats a great bay ca shun victor. beans in monsters on wheels hold a race once a year on that road. crazy beans.

  11. nice pic-shures! they looks like bee-yoo-tee-full postcard or cal-en-dur pic-tures an...wait!...hey, Midnight, scroll back up a bit...yup - there it is: "hot Cocoa". looky! Victor called me "hot". why, fank yoo Victor, buddy. it's okay fur guys ta call each offur "hot" isn't it?

    by the way - plants jump. we've seen it happen. yur in the clear so long as it wazzn't plucked


  12. Oh, beautiful pictures. We want to go on vacation also. Anly problem is we don't like the car!

  13. Wow those are some great pictures. Sounds like you guys have been having a blast. Take care of yourselves while mommy is working, and make sure you are not standing underneath any plants when they jump off the counter. I would't want you guys to get hurt.

  14. Wow, weve nevur travulled like yoo guys. That luks amazing.

    As fur the plant...tell yer mom that we have jumping plants too!

  15. What excellent pictures. A very nice vacation. We don't have any plants that jump, but a lot of other things jump onto the floor when they see Catzee coming.

  16. Wow what great pictures sounds like a you had a great vacation.

  17. Wow, those are great pictures. My mum has seen the Rockies but not the bit in Colorado. Your humans must have loved that train ride because we know they like trains. My humans have ridden on some trains like that in Switzerland and Austria.

  18. Wow. Sounds like you had a great vacation. And you weren't stuck in a Box like I would've been. I love the pictures. I just wish I could've snuck along with you. My humans never do anything that exciting.

  19. Wow that's excitement ~Merlin, Shadow, KO kO

    Love the picts ~Poi Mom Jane

  20. Hi Victor & Bonnie,

    I was you on Catster and sent you Pal requests.

  21. The photos are amazing, Bonnie and Victor! The clear, blue skies, the rocks, and the mountain tops: simply gorgeous. Your photos made me feel like I was right back there again with Meeko and Kiara!

    I'm so glad you two had a fun time. It sounds like quite the adventure indeed!

  22. Victor:
    That hummingbird looked delicious. Yum!

    I noticed that both you and Bonnie have "profiles" on your blog. Mom tried helping me to put all of the Feline Americans on my blog, but we couldn't get multiple profiles to work. How did you two manage it? The boys have been buggin' me a lot and I wanna put their profiles up (just to stop them from squawking at me). Any guidance would be great.
    DaisyMae Maus

  23. Oh Luna it is so good to see you posting again.

    Victor you were so brave to go on the trained whatever. Looks like you went up so high. Sorry you never did get to see the Pike though. I would have like to know what it was. Sure got a lot of beautiful pictures though. So glad you enjoyed your trip.


  24. How come you didn't say "HI" or come visit us? We live in the Colorado Springs area also.

  25. Oh what an 'citing adventure you had!

  26. meyowzers! what a marvelous 'cation you had!! onliest place our beans take us is the vet's office. concatulations on the travelog--we hope you posts lots more pictures!

  27. We thought we just wrote something but it seems to have disappeared .... You two have really been off having adventures and seeing some beautiful places (not that Whiskonsin isn't beautiful) None of us have ever seen mountains. Albertaa and Sky both knew "one of us who went before" who was born in Colorado and told them all about the gorgeous sunsets in the mountains. Weren't you scared to be up so high? -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

  28. wutt a wunnerful aventure story! Angel went cam-pin once wiff Mama and Daddy n gotted a peek at sum pike but I fink they calls them sumping diffrint here. They calls em Jack. I don't know why, I wunner if there's any Jills too n iff they went uppa hill?

    Can fishies go uppa hill? maybe.

    What a nice baycayshun. We went onna baycayshun to a condo. A kitty condo. When Mama n Daddy went to the spot to get massages. I liked the condo.

    While we was on baycayshun we had a hi-ate-us and while we was on hi-ate-us, somebunnies stole our bloggie names so we gonna get a new one so you can watch for us soon

    Luv Taz.

    I'm gonna go read more baycayshun story now. I can't believe you were inside a monster!