Sunday, August 13, 2006

Are We Weird?

Are they gone yet?
Is who gone?
The strangers. Did they leaf?
No. They're just being really quiet until you come out.
Oh, figure it out fur yurself.
They's gone! Now I can come out an use the puter!
Knock yurself out... Please.

HI! Sorry we've been so quiet, but there were a couple strangers in our house an we was busy avoidin them.
You were avoiding them. I member them from afore. They're annoyin but harmless.
But you said... Oh, well, they're gone now.

Ok, time to blog. Quick in case they return. We's been tagged like 4 times for this game. We starts by tellin 5 weird things/habits about ourselfs. Then we need to choose 5 others to tag and they need to write a post about their 5 weird things/habits as well as repeat this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't furget to leave yur victim a comment that says "your're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read yur blog.

Me furst:
  1. When Mom changes all the litter in the litterbox so it's all new an clean, I like to roll in it.
  2. I don't really bite, I grab wif my teef an then lick.
  3. I lurve to lick an groom my boy an my mom's hair. Dad doesn't let me do his.
  4. After Mom's baf efurry day, I want to be wrapped in her towel an snuggled baby-style.
  5. Efun though I was furry fourword wif Mom when I dopted her, I'm ascared of visitors an run from them.
My turn, Cowcat.
  1. I shake my rear paws any time sumone touches the bottom of one. It's called "ticklish foot."
  2. I jump into empty lawndry baskets fur a ride down to the lawndry room.
  3. I haf to be around visitors but growl at them all the time.
  4. Only Dad can pick me up an carry me; Mom can sumtimes pick me up, if I get a treat after.
  5. Put a carrier in front of me, an I'll walk right in to investigate.
Ok, we's aposed to tag 5 furiends, but just bout efurryone has played. Hmmm.
  1. Vieno & Kirre of Finland... Your English is much better than our Finnish!
  2. Brave Sir Robin so it takes his mind off the unbearable heat. Un-cat-able heat?
  3. Rosie and Cheeto (who need to join Catnip Anonymouse).
  4. Pandora and Charlie, the Britcats
  5. Socks, Abby and Blackie of Top Hat and Tails.
...And anyone else who wants to play. Except Victor. I *won't* play wif Victor. Not now or efur.


  1. Wow, great lists.

    I, for one, like to lay in the litter, and I will do it if Momma has scooped it clean. I guess I am not that fussy.


  2. Isis is a lot like you, Victor, when it comes to biting. She doesn't really bite, but instead, she uses her teeth to put our human pet's hand where she wants it on her. Then when the hand is where it needs to be, she licks it as if the human pet did a good job. It's too funny!

    Otherwise, I don't think the two of you are too strange! In fact, I think you both sound like a lot of fun! I like this idea of laundry basket riding, and I think I may take it up as a hobby.

  3. Victor, I lurrve licking and grooming my Foster Mommy's hair too! Beans' hair are furry hard to groom tho... so long and smooth... makes it double-duty for my poor tongue.

    Bonnie, if you efer come to Singapurr, I will take you all around in a lawndry basket. I fink I might be able to purrsuade Bangles to pull the basket with us in it... hmmm...


  4. I love you two's sibling rivalry! Great lists, btw!

  5. Bonnie, mommy hadded to smile at your list - Ralphie used to like taking bafs 'acause then he would get wrapped up in towels and held baby style for a long time.

    We should try the jumping in the lawndry baskets - that sounds like fun!

  6. Oh Victor, that sounds like Cheysuli.. you growl at visitors but don't hide...

  7. Gemini, I *nefur* growl. That's Bonnie's noise. Neifur of us hides, but I keep my distance.

  8. Scout is embarassing when it comes to visitors. He weaves around their legs over & over. Even the cable guy.

  9. Love your list. Bubbles doesn't like visitors either, while Mrs. B does not care. Until they try to pick her up, and then she bites them.

  10. I like to roll in the cat litter as soon as Daddy cleans it too. We mus put our stink on it to make sure efurryone knows it is ours. I fink we'll try jumpin in the laundry basket like Bonnie.

  11. i luvs laundry baskets. i sleeps in them all the time. the bestest times is right affer mommy puts the clean clothes in it. ummm, they is warm and soft.


  12. Victor & Bonnie! We could be related, we look an awful lot alike. Thanks for linking to us! Great 5 things list. Congrats on your 100th post, too - we have a long way to go before that, we're new bloggers!
    Leo & Bambi

  13. I love laundry baskets! The Lady puts all the teenagers' clean socks in a laundry basket in the hall between their bedroom doors. They're supposed to sort their socks and take them to their room, but they never do. This means I have a big cozy bed of clean socks at all times!

  14. I purrfur empty lawndry baskets. In fact, the boy has a deep one and as soon as I find it empty, I hop right in. Mine, all mine! That one's not fur ridin to the basement, tho.

  15. Victor

    H-e-l-P! All dis dectective stuff has gone to Abby's head. She has threatened to tell Momma's that I was in her sock droar again playin' wif her socks and movin around (*SHE SAYS*). She says she is going to get me put on per-MAN-ant treat ration. BEcuz she wants all the treats. She says she has proof -- she tryin to frame me. I needs help.

    Lil Gracie

  16. Did you have monsters visiting? ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

  17. Yoo role in yer litter!?!?! How funnie. We dont like water but yoo must not mind if yoo like to cuddle with yer ladie after her baf.

    Gracie- In her socks...yer in trubble. Why dont yoo try planting sum of Abby's hair in the drawur?

  18. Hi there!!

    Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog!
    We are a boy and a girl cat too and we love to read about other cats...well, actually our mommy reads the blogs to us!
    Sometimes, she spends too much time on the computer and we have to crawl all over her saying...stop, reading about other kitties and come play with us!


    ps You asked about the spelling of my name...Mommy mis-spells it should be Lief...Most people think that it is spelled Leaf...

  19. ps

    We like to touch noses!
    Do you two ever play kissy, kissy??

  20. You guys aren't so weird - we don't really like strangers either. Mommakitty says it's cause we're still young. Sometimes we sneak out when beans are visiting and hide under things so we can check 'em out safely. Some beans smell like those woofy critters - we're not sure we like that smell. When beans smell like other kitties, then we're a little more likely to come out of hiding and sniff around!
    Kimo & Sabi

  21. You are very smart Cats to hide from strangers. Strangers are always suspicious until proven otherwise. (Otherwise means that they are very nice to Cats and have treats.)

  22. Leif & Bonita, I tries to play kissy kissy wif Bonnie, but she's too hissy hissy fur kissy kissy! She wants me to stay at least 1 foot away (that's, um, .3 meters).