Saturday, July 08, 2006

Feelings and Furiends

I’m speechless (wul, almost). I made a comment on Finny & Buddy’s blog about their invader, Sully. I didn’t mean to, but I hurt Finny’s feelins. An fur that, he apologized to me. He efun sent me these bootiful flowers an a great bird-watchin book! What a gentlecat. I’m ofurwelmed.

See, back when Victor plucked the plant, Finny defended him an suggested I coulda done it. I ofur reacted an defended myself, an hurt Finny’s feelins. Readin bout Sully, I got upset agin bout Victor. New cats are a touchy subject fur me, an I said Finny always takes Victor’s side cuz he was bein nice to Sully. I agreed wif Buddy that the invader needs to learn a lesson. So I growled at Finny.

Finny, I’m sorry my growlin hurt your feelins. I growl at Victor an efun my beans alla time an they’s used to it. But that doesn’t make it ok fur me to growl at efurry cat online. Please accept my humble apologies an these tokens of my admiration. You are a furry kind an bootiful cat an I admire your bein nice to ofurs. I should try to lern from your axample.

Sincerely, Bonnie Underfoot


  1. That Finny is a real stand-up guy! I'm sure, though, that he understood where you were coming from when you said what you said, Bonnie.

  2. I'm sure Finny understands, Bonnie. He's a good guycat. You were furry polite and nice too. Yall both are good examples for all of us on clearin up misunderstandings.

    ~~ Boni

  3. Being able to 'pologize is a virtue. You are a good girl for doin that. Lookit all the birdie fings though! They are beautiful!

  4. Awww, that is furry sweet you two.

  5. Miss Bonnie,

    Thank you for the nice book and the candle. We watch birdies out owr bak window but we never seen one of those red birds even tho they are the state birdy of Norf Carolina.

    I hope we haf putted this misunderstanding behind us furever.

    Yore frend Finny

  6. You are very very gracious, Bonnie. First to accept Finny's apology and then to reciprocate so kindly with your tokens. Is that a Bird of Paradise in your flowers? Is that one in your new book?

  7. That was furry gracious and big hearted of you Bonnie. We growls sometimes around here-especially Georgia, so we knows how that goes.

  8. Aww that is so sweet Bonnie. You are trying. I growl at other poodies too ~Shadow