Thursday, June 29, 2006

Two Kitty Tales

I probably wouldn't have started cat blogging if I had realized how emotionally stirring it can be. I'm a rather emotional person, so I find myself crying over cats I never met and talking about them and their people as good friends. I guess that's not so surprising when I realize I know more about some bloggers than I do about my own neighbors. That's why they say blogging has created a community. These are my friends and I care about them and their pets.

This week, I have read two stories that tugged my heart strongly in different directions.

In Singapore, a sweet little kitten who thought she had found her loving forever home, was handed over to authorities by a family member for destruction. Her rescuers were too late to save her. Tiffy's story makes me angry and sad at the same time. Too many animals are destroyed every day through domestic disputes, poor communication, and simple spite. Tiffy deserved better. Her adopted brother, Gucci deserved better. I can only hope that her story reminds people to make sure everyone in the household really wants a pet before bringing one in. Responsible pet ownership requires this. If anyone has a problem with another member of the household, it must be discussed and addressed. Resentment grows quickly when bottled up. I salute 5-Cat Style and the Flyer for all their rescue efforts and their ability to handle this situation with tact and diplomacy.

The second story is one of hope. In fact, since I started this post, two more happy cat stories were told to me by coworkers. Thank goodness the good stories out way the bad! In Connecticut, a young man saw an injured kitten in the street. Two cars were headed toward her, but he stopped them and took the kitten to a veterinary hospital. Luckily, her injuries were not life-threatening, but she required surgery for a broken leg. The hospital has waived or reduced their fees as much as they can for this Good Samaritan. He has become the kitten's de facto benefactor, paying for her medical expenses and agreeing to take her in temporarily. He's also having a kitten naming contest, so I don't know how long "temporary" will be. There ARE good people in this world.

As for my coworkers, one found a way to trick her beloved cat into taking his medicine so he can get well. The other shared pictures of her daughter's kitten she has been taking care of during a move. The love they show these cats is palpable. Last night, I went home and hugged Bonnie and Victor and told them how much I love them. Bonnie growled, squirmed out of my arms, and wandered away to beg for treats. Victor licked my chin and wiggled around to find something to play with. They are safe.


  1. The term companion animals is very true. Our cats are more than pets, they're part of our familiy and I can't even imagine how empty my life would be without them. They give so much and ask so little.

    Crew's Mom

  2. Crew's Mom - You said it! Tho I'd like a few more treats, please.

  3. Yes, cats are family members, and my life would be very empty without all of the chaos they cause. although I moan and complain about it all the time, it would be very strange to walk into the house and not find it trashed and having to spend an hour putting everything back where it belongs. and yes, after I grumble about it, I sit down and they all jump up on me and they kiss me and we hug and I would not trade a minute of it for anything. - Meezers Mom Mary

  4. Oh, the Mom knows we're her kids. We may not be human but I've seen her put her own health behind our well being. It's sad to hear about Tiffy, but it is nice to know that there are still people out there who care about us and want us to live happy lives. I know the Mom couldn't live without us nor could we live without her. We both give each other love and companionship. Plus she gives me Stinky Goodness which makes her the best mom in the world.

  5. Momma was too upset to go read about Tiffy...she says her heart breaks and she can't stand to read those things.....She gave us extra treats today and hugged me twice, until I squirmed out of her arms. A little of that huggy stuff goes a long HAS to be on my terms....sides, I like the Dad best. I am Daddy's Gurl......

    Patches Lady

  6. Patches, I prefer my man, too, but I'm still not into hugs. My woman can be so grabby! But I'd take them, indignities and all, over the alternatives. I wish I could go to Singapurr an show that mean man what an attack tabby can do.

  7. I have been thinking about Tiffy (and Gucci) so much. I cried when I read the story. It is so very sad. I was thinking about them again when walking to work this morning and so was feeling kinda down when I got to the office. When I got there, one of my friends (who is also a cat person and knows I love to hear cat stories) told me about the fun games he played with his cats the previous night. This cheered me up a little. Then he told me a happy kitty story about a kitty who was almost killed (in a completely different type of circumstance), but then was discovered alive the next day. This definitely made feel a lot better. Until later in the day when I started to think about Tiffy again.

    Anyway, just wanted to share the happy kitty story with you. I think we could all do with some happy kitty stories at the moment.

  8. Thanks, Jasmine! The look on Ashley's face is wonderful - Hallo, what's all the fuss about now?
    Another happy story can be found at The Blog Pound where Leigh-Ann is caring for four orphaned kittens (and one plumbing cat!).

  9. A friend of Mom's in werk has a friend who just recently found a kitten in them middle of the road. He was going by wif his motorcycle and he scooped down and picked the kitty up. Now the kitty has a new furever home. An her friend tooked anofer wee kitty home. So there's two new homes and that's good news. The new kitty doesn't haf a name yet. Maybe we'll suggest "Tiffy".

  10. Thanks so much for the support. I do wish too that more people would see their pets as being another member of the family, and not as just a living, breathing plaything. But that is why we have an important role in passing on that message. Thank you, Lambj, Bonnie & Victor, for showing us all what a REAL family is all about! :)

    And God bless Good Samaritans!

    ~The Flyer

  11. Thank you for remembering little Tiffy, Lambj. Thank you.

    ~5-Cat Style