Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Smart Cat?

Victor was pretty funny this morning. I opened the closet door at the bottom of the stairs to see if there were any toys, and there was his mousie, on top of the board I put down to keep toys out. He immediately focused all his attention on the mousie, so I said, "Get the mousie, Victor. Take it back upstairs." And he did - he quite intentionally picked up the mousie and carried it up the stairs. As I followed him, I saw the red tinsel ball on a step. He stopped, considered picking it up, but continued up the stairs with mousie firmly gripped in his teeth. At the top of the stairs, he threw mousie into the kitchen and proceeded to have quite the play session! He was tossing and grabbing it himself and having a grand time.

I just thought it was so funny to see him retrieve the mousie and carry it carefully upstairs to a more suitable play area. He never considered exploring the closet instead.


  1. It is amazing how smart they really are! They make life so enjoyable. I can't imagine life without them.......

    Calicomom Toni

  2. People, in general, underestimate just how intelligent we are. Only someone who lives with a cat (or several) can appreciate us for the truly wonderful beings we are!

  3. When I was a kitten I used to play fetch with the Mom with a tiny toy mousie. Sometimes I think she was having more fun than I was.

  4. Oh yes, Ayla, I used to treat my humans to games of fetch, too. Now I let Victor handle that duty. As demonstrated in this story, he's trained the woman to fetch his toys from under the closet door. Of course, we can't be too obvious about our intelligence, or we might mess up this sweet arrangement we felines have going!

  5. Victor buddy, closets are fun places. At least some of them at my house are fun.

  6. Hey...my cat has no claws (due to a cruel, cruel former owner) and I have watched him literally beat mice to death with his poor hands.

    I thought you might be interested in reading the story of the hit-and-run cat I have been taking care of for the last couple of days. If you have the time, check out her story over on my blog...it's the first three entries or so, and it's better if you start at the beginning. Keep up the great work!