Friday, June 09, 2006

Busy Week

My staff haf been busy this week, and now my woman has one of those things they put their stuff into before leafing. She keeps talking about going to eye-oh-wa for werk. She hasn't efun had time to help me blog!

This is serious, so I decided I'd better read the manual for the grass eater - it's gettin to be a jungle out there! If the grass gets any taller, I won't be able to see birds.
Bonnie Reading
Because of the toy trains, my people sumtimes go away for, hmmm, I think it's as much as 6 or 7 nights, all 3 of them. That means the house is nice an quiet an no one makes me leave my puter chair.
Bonnie's Puter Chair
Last time they went away like that, they went to see Atul, whoever or whatever that is. Sumplace wif a ton of washing. Anyway, they had a young female bean stop in to feed me an the stoopid fish. I tolerate her cuz she has woofies, not cats, and nefur brings them ofur. Well, as she was leafing one day, I said, "Hey, Bean, you left sumfing." She said, "Bye, Bonnie, see you later." I said, "No, wait, you're furgetting sumfing!" She said, "Bye!" and shut the door. I said, "Stoopid bean-brain. You furgot sumfing an I fink now you won't be back to feed me. HEY!"
Wul, I guess she figured out that she couldn't get in. I was gettin pretty hungry an not happy. After I had almost starved to death, she sumhow got the fing that opens the monster room door, the really big door to outside, an came in that way efun wifout my woman's monster there. Then we had anofur brilliant exchange like, "Hi, Bonnie, did you miss me?"
"Feed me."
"Poor baby was lonely."
"Feed me now."
"I'm sorry, sweetie, I forgot the key."
"Duh. I tried to tell you. Now FEED ME."
"Are you hungry?"

Bean-brain. That's what they all are. Bean brains. Wifout us puddins to keep an eye on them, where would they be today? Wul, I fink this time it's only my woman leafing. I can do wifout her, I guess. I mean, the man's my favorite, but at least that woman does what I say.

Wow, I wrote a whole entry wifout complainin once about stoopid Victor cowcat!



  1. Bonnie, you are sooo pretty and elegant lying on the puter chair. You're like a dainty ballerina. You should put on a recital for us one of these days. I'll shurely be in the front row!


  2. We lives close to that place that does a ton of washing.

    Are you in curling, Bonnie? If so, you will probably win, you strike quite a nice pose.

    The Twins are fine....Momma has them on the machine that spouts water and swishes clothes around.

    Patches Lady

  3. I'm in small boxes; Victor is in curling. I keep telling him to practice, but he's too busy chasing toys.
    I'm glad the twins are safe. I like Charcoalie better than Victor. He doesn't steal my food, bed, or box, and hasn't pounced me efun once.

  4. Mum lived in EyeOWa as a little one with her firsted kitties. Hope your mum has fun.

  5. My humans went to Eyeowa and see Atul last time they went to Mericky. You were doing so well at not complaining about Victor, Bonnie...until the last sentence!

  6. That was quite an adventure. Almost starving. You could get your own movie of the week!! Silly beans.
    ~ nala

  7. This should teach your bean a very valuable lesson. Leave a huge heaping bowl of dry grub and at least 2 big bowls of water out ANYTIME they leave. Even if they have someone coming by to feed and pet cause most of those people have trouble with attention to detail. My god you could have DIED!!!! Sheesh

  8. I seriously cannot stand when homo sapiens don't listen to us! There you were, trying to tell her, but did she listen to you? No! Why can't these silly homo sapiens just take the time to learn our language? We learned their's after all!

  9. B&V's Mom here. The fact is, the neighbor girl was only locked out 1 day. It was Wed and we were returning Saturday or Sunday - Bonnie was fine. The fish were fine. But the teenager was freaked out. Luckily, my car was at work and someone there had the car key, so they got the garage door opener to the girl and all was well. Even water wasn't a problem cuz of Bonnie's beloved fountain.

  10. We hate it when Mom leaves, simply hate it. She is our favorite except for Shadow who loves Kinsey kitten the best ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  11. Such pretty toes U have.

  12. We are so glad to hear that you are all right - these humans - don't they realize they have a commitment to US and have no business to be out running around to strange places like eye-oh-wa (although my human has also been to eye-oh-wa for werk and she didn't think it was too strange.) Our Human Gyrrl is going to that see Atul place this Tuesday. We can't keep our humans in one place either. It is very stressful, but you're right about getting to sit in the blogging chair -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

  13. We live in the ton of Washing! Maybe we will see her and then send her home with more food for you.

  14. When they leave uddur beans to watch ofur you they should allays leaf the toilet seat cover up just in case! At least theres water there as yucky as it is. I'm sure Beau Beau would be playing right in it, the silly boy.

  15. Bonnie

    You tried to tell the bean brain! She just didn't listen. I still think we poodins need to come up with a dick-shun-ary so that beans can look up catwerds.


  16. Luckily, when the Mom has been travelling lately, she leaves the Dad behind to take care of us. I remember when she would have a cat-sitter come in and take care of us. It's not the same. They just don't give the good pets like the Mom does.

  17. Hi Victor, thanks, I'm getting used to the name-- I think I could like this "Cap-ten Nemo" guy-- I was doing some reading on the 'puter before Momma came home.

  18. It's always such a hassle when the people go away isn't it?!? Good luck with mowin' that lawn - that "outdoor vacuum" is pretty scary . . .