Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Hint

'Nother quick hint, specially if you can'ts see my video. I'm the ONLY ONE wit a toy in my paws! Or I should say, under my paws.

Now, we're having trouble with all the tuxedos and other kitties wif lots of white, but I finks we have... MOooommm - how many we fink we know? 29! That's a lot.


  1. Thank you for the hints. We think we had Bonnie already, but we had no clue about Victor.

  2. You am right........we am togethers......Mine mom is tearing her hair out! She am trying to help......and just when she thinks she gets one, she is wrong......I am going to take a nap.....let her work on it!

  3. Thanks for the hints! I've posted up some on my blog as well.

    I too didn't want to give too much away... just enough to help. And I hope I have. :)

    Good luck!

    ~5-Cat Style

  4. My lazy mum hasn't even started writing down a list of answers yet, but thanks for your hints. And we think that last photo of you and your paws is very cute, Bonnie.

  5. Eric, I think you may be in trouble for the paw contest... That's Victor with the cute pink and black toe pads and Bonnie's the one with the plastic box fetish. Victor doesn't mind, but Bonnie's quite upset at this error. Then again, Bonnie's upset about everything!

  6. Sweetie Here--
    You got pretty paws and sweet toes, too! I likeyou a lot! Wish we could have a visit.

  7. Oops, sorry Victor! I didn't mean to confuse your toes with Bonnie's. I am kind of sleepy after all the excitement of welcoming my mum home...need to have a little zzzzzzz.....

  8. Us and Mama have got all 41 - well, we've matched 41 names with 41 photos - whether or not they're right - [feline shrug]

    but it was FUN!