Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bonnie v Victor

Oh dear...
Victor has been trying to keep Bonnie away from the blog. We've been really busy and didn't realize what was going on. I thought it was just silliness, but I see he went too far.

Bonnie has been ticked off about Victor since I brought him home Oct 29 (V-Day) and she even went on a hunger strike Thanksgiving weekend. She's been a difficult cat all her life (like, permanent PMS), but has hissed and growled at us almost continuously since V-day. She doesn't like Victor to get anywhere near her and she's not happy with us, either. She orders him out of her spots, then huffs away to sulk, so he stays put and wins without a fight. She demands her treats, then growls or hisses when we try to pet her. Did you ever hear a cat hiss with her mouth full?

So I didn't realize what Victor posted, but Bonnie has been angrier than ever - incoherent, in fact. Like a sick cat, she avoided us when we could have helped. I'm giving Victor a time-out from blogging and requesting a public apology. Bonnie can post once she's calmed down, too. In the meantime, maybe I'll write about the cats who came before them, my tuxedo loves, Bigotes and Scruffy. I didn't realize tabbies would be so temperamental.

On the other hand... or paw... I agree that Bonnie has been grumpy, sassy, devilish, mad, and psycho since Victor came. Of course, she's always been a biter. I think Victor is frustrated because he tries to be really nice and Bonnie refuses to get along. I was convinced for years that we couldn't have a second cat, until Victor adopted me. He insisted he'd been searching for me his whole life (8 months) and he was big enough to escape Bonnie or defend himself if necessary, but he wouldn't hurt her unless absolutely necessary. In this case, the post was mightier than the claw. I hope my fuzzies haven't offended.


  1. We're lucky the 3 of us get along very well together. Too bad Bonnie & Victor don't.

  2. Victor is still a baby. He can be forgiven just about anything, on cuteness alone. (Shh, don't tell Bonnie I said that... Or Turtle...)
    ~ tammara :-)

  3. Well, better a blog fight then a knock down drag out in the living room. Victor is still a baby, and I have found that female cats usually take a very long time to warm up to another cat in the house. Trixie usually takes about 6-7 months to warm up to another cat. - Meezers Mom

    PS. Yes, my Ralphie used to hiss with food in his mouth all the time. He hated anyone being near him when he ate. Food used to fly out of his mouth when he did it. It was very amusing when he was trying to be nasty.

  4. We try soooo hard not to laugh as Bonnie makes a complete fool of herself. She's declawed, so can swat Victor without hurting him. He keeps his claws to himself and ignores most of her noise. She'll adjust eventually and when she does, Victor will be ready.

  5. You stand your ground Victor. Mean old Bonnie needs to learn to share or at least tolerate you.

  6. Better a word fight than a claw fight! Mom says I can't have a sibling until I learn to get along better with others...and quit biting.

  7. My bro Eddie wasn't very happy when I got here, but there's a big difference in our ages. Then Olivia came to live with us. Problem solved! I had a new playmate about my own age, and Eddie got peace and quiet.

    So maybe a little sib would make everybody happy!

  8. Thx, all... Bonnie's all huff and fluff - all bark but no bite. Well, she does bark. And she bites us, but not Victor.

    Beau, I've learned that cats seem to get along better if they are closer in age. Bonnie was such a devil of a kitten, when she mellowed, I didn't want to go through that again. I still have scars.

    Wm., I don't know about that. Even if the man said yes (big IF), Bonnie might just pack up and leave. Victor doesn't usually try to engage Bonnie, he's just in HER house, on HER bed, and breathing HER air. She's in a royal huff. And it's only been a few months - I know these things take time.

  9. Bonnie & Victors Mom,

    I had the same problem with Knightly when I brought Firenze home. He was mad at me for a good 8-9 months. He gets along with Lizzie really well and snuggles with her all the time. After 5 years, he is now starting to let Firenze groom him and sleep near him (not snuggling). They all fight at times but mostly get along. Give it plenty of time and she will get used to having Victory around.

    The Monsters' Mom