Monday, January 23, 2006

Who Done It?

We've got a mystery at our house. Someone knocked over a vase on the table. Bonnie has a history of vase-tipping to get the water, but Victor has been tugging leaves on that kind of plant. The only evidence is the wet table cloth and knocked over vase of plants. You don't suppose they actually worked together on this one?

After I hung up the wet tablecloth to dry, Bonnie sat by it and looked deceptively innocent. Either she did it and is trying to accuse Victor, or Victor did it and she's claiming innocence. The victim saw everything, but isn't telling.


  1. We don't think a kitty would do that! You musta had someone come in the house when you weren't looking. Like that Goldilocks babe, or maybe a bird got in & did it.....

  2. Edsel, all evidence was swept clean or hidden in the carpet. Scooby/Shaggy/Scout, will you take my case in court? I can use a good defense. "It was like that when I found it!" "I was framed!"

  3. We think the vase just got tired of sitting on the table & jumped. Things do that all the time at our house

  4. Mum is the word....we have all been sworn to secrecy.


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